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Who holds Infinity Group Australia Success?

While some companies emerge as a result of an identified idea, business teaches that organizations may also arise through listening to consumer’s feedback and identification of market gaps. With its growth despite its existence in the market for only six years, it is necessary to have a background of its emergence. The presence of Infinity Group Australia in the industry is attributed to Graeme Holms and Rebecca Walker. Graeme Holm is, however, the critical pillar of its foundation. According to his response in various interviews, the emergence and current growth of the company have different yet distinct fact.




In relation to the emergence of Infinity Group Australia, Graeme states that this was influenced by the providence of poor financial deals to their clients which left saw the middle and lower class people left out. He thought of combining it with the unique aspect of private financial tutor because he noticed that people are a tough time managing their finances and reducing their debts. These ideas popped up in 2001 after Graeme realized that the clients were not satisfied with the rates prided on existing financial firms. In order for him to satisfy the market, he had to incorporate Rebecca who is a profession in financial management and tutoring. Concerning the growth, Graeme states that it is not all his doing but the doing of all the staff members. This is because they work as a team and ensure that quality services are provided to consumers irrespective of their social class.




Speculations are that his work experience and achievements could also be responsible for the massive growth of infinity Group Australia. Graeme is a graduate from the Australian Institute of Business. His areas of specialization are mortgage broking, financial planning, property investments, debt consolidation and debt reduction. These are in fact the critical services provided at the Infinity Group Australia. In 2017 Graeme ranked among MPA Top 100 Brokers. His career in the business world did not begin yesterday as he has over 15 years’ experience in this field. Graeme Holm is also a Licensed Real Estate Agent (LREA) in Queensland as well as in New South Wales hence the credibility of Infinity Group.




If you are thinking this is it for Infinity Group Australia, you got to hold your patience because the director amidst that this is just the beginning. More growth and success should be expected from the company in the near future. Learn more: