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Whitney Wolfe Engages Bumble Users in Social Media Variety

     Bumble Bizz may be just a thing that business leaders need. It has definitely become the app that has grown in a short time frame because more people are hearing about Bumble. People that are in the professional circle are elated by what Whitney Wolfe has been able to do. She has proven herself to be a leader in the app world.

This is not an easy thing to do, but Whitney Wolfe has gained a lot of praise because she has been good at keeping the app relevant to the social media world. The platform is growing, and more people are signing up for Bumble because it speaks to their needs. What started as the dating app is now an app that is evolving into a world of networking opportunities. People around the world are getting a chance to see that Whitney passed the test when it comes to connecting Bumble users with a plethora of social media communities.

There is also a Bumble BFF concept that allows people to get connected to the friends portion of the website. If people are planning to get connected to friends they are going to be able to build a better long-term circle where they can talk with other people that may have the same desires to hang out.

It is great to have Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz, in addition to Bumble dating, because it gives you everything that you need. That’s what Whitney Wolfe wanted to do when she created this app. She did not want to be someone that was connected only to the Bumble dating world. She wanted people to be able to find everything that they were looking for all through a single interface.

This is a bold move for Whitney, but it shows that she is incredibly focused on getting her users to keep one app on their phone even if they decide to delete everything else. There is no reason for anyone to utilize LinkedIn if they can network through the Bumble app. Fewer people are going to go to Match or eHarmony if they can utilize Bumble for all of their dating needs. These are the things that makes Bumble an exciting concept. Whitney Wolfe stands alone as someone that creates an app that is diverse with a wide range of possibilities. She is propelling women to be much more engaged with app development.