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The Chainsmokers Feature Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall Performing Their Music Unlike Any Other Music Released By Them

In the past, singles released by The Chainsmokers were consist in one factor. They all contained the electronic music blend without the duo actually singing on the singles. The latest edition of singles however has featured not only Andrew “Drew” Taggart singing front and center but it also features recording artist Halsey. The lastest round of singles is proving to be much different than the past singles released.

It is the normal for a band or duo to have their music sang by members of the band however for the duo The Chainsmokers, it is not the normal for them. It wasn’t until just recently that the band opted to step out of their shell and perform the singles front and center.

The surprise twist that most people do not see coming is that in fact, these two men are not life long friends. They were friends much later in life as they were introduced to one another. They met and became instant friends and knew that the love they both shared for electronic music and decided that the love they shared for the music would perfect for performing as a job.

The duo got together after Andrew Taggart moved from Maine to NYC. The group would then go on to perform for others before making their way to the top of the charts. What started out as a simple love for the music turned into something that would keep them on top of the charts. They went on to release single after single before taking a turn at pausing to work on their latest edition of singles.

The dance music that the Chainsmokers are known for releasing is something different than what they are now releasing. The singles today allow people to have a better understanding of what the band is like. It allows the fans to experience firsthand what the band is engaging in through life. You will understand the sadness and happiness through the music that the band releases in their singles. If you fail to understand through their music, the use of social media will also allow you to understand what the band is experiencing.

The Chainsmokers and their new hit song “Somebody”

It takes a lot of efforts to produce a song that will have a positive reception by people. This is exactly what the Chainsmokers do to ensure that their music is of high quality and unique. Their recent song “Somebody” is the talk of the town lately. The lyrics of the song, the tone and the pitch used resonate well with what people love hearing.


Undoubtedly, many people like knowing how particular songs are produced; probably to appreciate the artists’ work or to learn a thing or two. The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, have provided a clip on Facebook showing people how this song was produced. It is clear that composing this song required a lot of efforts which the duo did. In the video, the Chainsmokers show the variations of the pitches. Notably, parts of the vocals in this song were made for another song which explains why the pitch keeps on varying.


Alex Pall and Drew Taggart appreciate the feedback that they have been getting regarding this song. They promise to provide a comprehensive analysis of how the song was made through a tutorial in future.


The Chainsmokers is a group comprised of two people, Alex and Drew. They specialize in DJing and producing music since 2012. This group has survived because both of them have similar interests in music. They came to the limelight after two years of being active, in 2014 with their song Selfie. This song was recorded in the Electronic songs. Many people around the world loved it which made the group to gain some popularity.


Since then, the duo has been producing hit songs. Most of the music the produced is based on real-life stories. In the recent song “Somebody” the musicians communicate about the struggle a person goes through to become somebody. The Chainsmokers have received several awards. The song “Don’t let me down” was ranked as the best dance recording in the 59th Grammy Awards ceremony. These artists have already created an excellent brand in the market. Today, they are known by people from different parts of the world.

Alex Pall Speaks Through His Music

The Chainsmokers just released their “Closer” track, and like many of their other tracks, it was a hit. The song even features Halsey, a well-known music star.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the stars of The Chainsmokers, and they have the same strong love of music. Pall was a DJ in New York City, and he worked in an art gallery for a time as well. He wanted to go for it and decided to really focus his energy on developing as a music artist-professionally. His manager introduced Taggart to him, and they started to work together. The rest is history.

Taggart also loved to DJ, and he even put a couple of songs on SoundCloud. He played a few shows, and when a spot opened up on The Chainsmokers, he filled it. He hit it off with Pall, and they worked hard t get where they are today.

It helped that Pall and Taggart got along, but they both had a similar vision and were moving in the same direction, so their combined efforts helped to propel them forward and into success as a music artist. Their songs offer a glimpse into their lives and into their life experiences. The duo uses Instagram to connect with their fans and audience, and they have realized that they have a substantial following.

Pall and Taggart are always trying new things and are adjusting their shows and performances to cater to their audiences. They are planning to perform at a festival in Red Rock, and it has already sold out. They are also planning to go on tour in the fall. The Chainsmokers perform their songs live and are all about challenging themselves. The duo is always trying to expand and create new music.

Their audience has grown from being college students mostly to include fans in ages ranging from 15 to 30. They are aware of their fans and age ranges and cater to that. They want everyone to be able to enjoy their music, and they are having fun playing for people who genuinely enjoy their creativity and music.