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Sentient AI-e commerce recommendation engine

Sentient Aware helps you in staffing your online store with an AI sales associate to empower shoppers to get exactly what they need. It is designed for the mobile first world. It is meant to give the customers an experience of a life time. With Al, shoppers engine the customer can experience a friction-less, intuitive and more personalized experience in shopping in whatever digital channel they are using. Most of the shoppers use mobile phones, and with that, they can experience the shopping differently. The experience can be spread within all the devices that the client uses it is designed to use images but not words to help the shoppers get to the product that they need with less fuss. The best part of this software is that it works seamlessly with almost all devices.

Aware is true at the moment in personalizing the clients. It is important to understand that clients are different and each one of them is unique in their way. Many other formulae used in other personalization solutions are not personal in the truest sense of the word. The reason is that they use historical data and analysis of people who can be said to have same interests. That is not what ecommerce personalization is all about. That is too general in the shopping journey. Using aware, you will be able to analyze each client and their unique behavior. That way you will be able to merchandise your catalog based on their taste and likes. It will not be doing your shoppers any good if you use data about what earlier shoppers liked and bought. Getting each client items according to the personal taste is important.

One advantage of using aware is that you will not need the whole year for Aware to understand your catalog. The software has an immediate ability to analyze and understand your catalog. The moment it is implemented, it has the ability to personalize every shopper’s experience immediately. Aware allows the customers the freedom to customize popular appearances from viewpoint images and personalizes the common trends. Giving your clients the personal experience is one of the easiest ways of increasing clientele.

Most consumers prefer to use this method as it is not only saving time but also helping them to meet their choices without hustle. The catalog can be any of the items the client would want to purchase, making online shopping a new world altogether.