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Ryan Seacrest: The Man, The Mogul, The Mastery


Ryan Seacrest is an internationally-recognized jack of all trades in the entertainment industry. Between being a producer for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, producer and host for American Idol, radio personality with a nationally-broadcasted radio show and co-host alongside Kelly Ripa (which he moved to New York for),

Ryan Seacrest has more than enough on his plate and that can take a toll on someone. After all, he’s only a man. However, he has a routine he gets into to center himself and prevent him from shutting down.

His day begins at 6 sharp exactly like this: shower, shave, moisturize, check the weather, get into comforting clothes and sit for some matcha and coffee. His personal trainer and boxing coach help with his physical regimen so he can juggle his hectic work life. What ever time he has before going in to work, he takes in the news and he watches a little TV. At that point, he takes care of any side requests he receives during the second part of his day when he can make choices that require more of his attention. That sort of discipline helps to prevent him from shorting out from his demanding workload.

Aside from the heavy work cycle he goes through, Ryan Seacrest dedicates time and energy for philanthropy, creating the Ryan Seacrest Foundation in order to give patients the chance to witness firsthand what entertainment looks like from the comfort of a hospital.

Patients are able to see this through broadcasts or from spending time in an actual studio. Patients can experience how media programming, broadcasting work and what it takes to keep a media center going. Patients and interns watch interviews in person and learn how to operate the equipment in addition to other important activities. Go To This Page for more information.

He also has forays in clothing under his line Distinction and skincare for men which is titled Polished. The move expands his name and looks to comfort and clean up men. Whether Ryan Seacrest’s doing philanthropy, running through his busy schedule or working on his physical health, Ryan Seacrest manages to make his routine seem effortless.