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Queen Mary In London Is Home To One Of The Leading Figures In AI Anthony Constantinou


Artificial Intelligence is a subject that has fascinated man for many decades now. The research and development of AI technology continue all over the world by talented minds looking to create a world that is made better by this technology. Anthony Constantinou is a head researcher at Queen Mary’s University in London that has dedicated his career and his studies to understanding AI and the Bayesian Model for AI. The primary reason for better understanding AI and developing better AI technology is to benefit humankind all throughout society in many different industries. Queen Mary’s is one of the leading institutes behind AI in the UK and Anthony Constantinou studied there for many years.


On top of his work as the Head of Bayesian AI, Anthony Constantinou also acts as an assistant professor from time to time. Constantinou is also a lecturer who focuses on research related to Data Mining and Machine Learning. Before Anthony found his position as the Head of Bayesian AI at Queen Mary’s, he was working at the Barts and London School of Medicine where he focused on forensic psychiatry and how the Bayesian Network could help in this area. Anthony Constantinou was even named as the “Principal Investigator” for the EPSRC Fellowship for his impressive publication on Bayesian Artificial Intelligence.


These days, Anthony also works as a freelance consultant alongside his Bayesian research to see how his predictions can help people throughout society. Using the Bayesian model, Anthony tries to find ways to predict situations that are typically uncertain in all different industry, including retail, sports, and entertainment. See This Page for related information.


Although it is highly complicated working with AI and decision-making processes, Anthony Constantinou enjoys his work and is ever trying to improve his own knowledge and skills. By running simulations, Anthony Constantinou is able to better understand statistics and find patterns that could help him solve big questions in robotics, AI, and risk analytics.


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