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Paul Herdsman On The Inspiration Behind Nice Global

When Paul Herdsman helped to cofound Nice Global, he had been looking for an opportunity to own his company. He had worked with several leading organization and so, he had garnered enough experience to venture on his own. In addition to that, he had identified an opportunity that promised to be the trend of the future.

At that time, outsourcing was not a common practice among organizations, but he could see that it was fast becoming popular and after a few years, it will be the in-thing. Paul could not have made a better assessment because today, most companies have embraced this trend, and his company is doing fine.

The urge to work for global clients

Paul Herdsman says that with outsourcing, he knew that his work would not be confined to local clients alone. The internet has brought the whole world together, and therefore it is easy for people to connect even when they are thousands of miles apart. People can work on the same projects regardless of where they are, and so, this arrangement was the perfect thing for Paul. Get More Information Here.

He thought of the possibility of not talking to international clients and helping them solve their problems. When NICE Global was launched, it quickly grew into the kind of outfit that he had envisaged, and so, he is one of the happiest entrepreneurs.

When asked about more inspirations, Paul Herdsman said that he also wanted to work with a team of flexible professionals. With outsourcing, you do not have to deal with the rigid working schedule that is associated with other jobs. Most of the ties, you will be working with people that you have never met. It is because of this desire that he assembled a workforce that he can connect to the same way he relates to his family. He gives them support and ensures that they are motivated to be even more productive.


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