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Philanthropist and Entrepreneur- Hussain Sajwani

He was taught to do business by his father who had a business. Hussain Sajwani was born in the United Emirates and he helped his father in his shop where sold shirts, perk pens, watches and other goods he imported from China. After his graduation from high school, Hussain was lucky enough to get a scholarship from the government and he was sponsored to study Engineering and Economics at the University of Washington. Hussain s among the first people to receive a government scholarship to the United States.


After his education and graduation Mr. Hussain went back to his home country and there he served at Abu Dhabi Gas Industry. He began his service at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries in 1981 and in 1982 he was out of the organization to establish his own venture. Mr. Sajwani ventured into the hospitality industry and because of his commitment and efforts, he succeeds in the sector with him delivering his services to war camps, 5-star hotels, educational institutions, as well as construction sites. He served more than 150000 meals a day and handled over 20 projects. Hussain later saw another gap which he turned into a business, the property and the real estate sector. In 2002 he got involved in the real estate business, and he is considered as the pioneer of property expansion in Dubai.


He founded DAMAC Properties and the business grew to be among the largest in the Middle East region. His success in the construction industry was also felt in other continents as well as cities and countries including Dubai, London, Jeddah, Beirut, Doha, and Riyadh. The DAMAC Owner is not only good in business and investment, but his knowledge and experience in administration, legal matters, finance, sales, and marketing contributed a lot to his success. In 2013 he made one of the biggest steps in business by joining hands with the President of the United States Donald Trump to construction one of the biggest golf estate in the United States. Sajwani begun business at a young age while still in the University be was selling apartments, and that is how he gained interest and experience in property business.

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Learn More About Gregory Aziz Of National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz currently serves at National Steel Car as the company’s CEO and President. The company has an outstanding presence of 100 years in the automotive industry. The company aims at producing high-quality products that surpass the expectations of clients. The company’s products have great functionality. Gregory James Aziz has played a significant role in ensuring that the company becomes one of the top vehicle manufacturing companies in North America. However, Gregory James Aziz says that the company has excelled due to the impressive teamwork and unmatched innovation.


The innovations by the company’s employees ensure increased diversity of products. The inclusive culture of the company leads to an improved focus on the vision. The vision of National Steel Car is to maintain its position in the vehicle manufacturing industry. Over the years, National Steel Car has remained to be the trendsetter. The company produces highly effective and quality rail products. National Steel Car has developed a reliable and efficient supply network. As a result, customers get the requested products within a short time.


Under the outstanding leadership of Gregory James Aziz, the company managed become ISO certified. It is worth noting that it is the only railcar manufacturing firm to get this type of certification. Some of the values that enabled the company to be certified include maintaining traditions, honoring traditions, and a clear sense of purpose. Other remarkable qualities include the determination to offer quality services and products, innovation capacity, and flexibility. The company is also made up of a dedicated team of 2000 employee. National Steel Car aims at building the trust of employees through improving the current operating system. Doing so will ensure continued growth of the company and expansion of the customer base.


Gregory Aziz also works at National Industries Inc as the company’s CEO and Chairman. Greg is considered a highly enthusiastic individual in the railcar industry. With the extensive experience that Gregory Aziz, the company does not have to look for a better leader. Greg has gained a lot of knowledge throughout the years thus being in a good position to make well-informed decisions. Greg Aziz is an individual who is result driven, focused and ensures that the core values of the company are followed. See This Page for related information.


Greg ensures that the employees of the company uphold the given values. Being result driven enables him to ensure that the goals of the company are achieved within the stipulated time. What makes Aziz a great leader is that he is client-oriented thus ensuring customer satisfaction.



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AvaTrade is Your Dynamic Guide to Successful Forex Trading

When discussing success in Forex trading, a well-tailored risk management model comes in handy in reducing the risk factors and costs incurred by investors. AvaTrade is guiding its clients to the right direction when it comes to handling such businesses. Established in 2006, the Dublin-based Forex brokerage company is well acquainted with viable investment strategies in Forex business. The company is duly licensed and has strict regulatory policies from the European Union.


The Background Information

AvaTrade has one primary standard account. This account holds a minimum deposit of $100 million in assets. Inclusive of the package are market orders, entry limits and stops as well as limit orders. Other features of the accounts include clients enjoying CFD trading commodities, indices as well as stocks. Moreover, client’s funds are always in separate accounts. This increases security level. Besides, AvaTrade provides clients with transparent trading strategies irrespective of the capital an individual has. All too often, new clients enjoy bonus deposits immediately after registration.


The Outline

Besides the general benefits clients gain from trading at AvaTrade, the company provides an Ava Select Program for educating clients on daily investment analysis as well as webinars. Inclusive of these lessons are foreign tools that can be used to identify trends in stocks exchange as well as technical analysis and making informed decisions. Over and above that, AvaTrade shares viable posts on live market news incorporated to their trading platforms.


Learning through AvaTrade

The world is crammed with several Forex trading companies. As such, choosing the right one may be challenging. In such cases, it becomes critical for an investor to focus on the packages offered across the board. At AvaTrade, clients have provided positive reviews. That in itself is sufficient to accredit the company the honor of membership. These reviews often reflect the value that the particular company has to its clients.


Understanding Business through AvaTrade

The duty of an experienced broker should be governed by regulators tailored to protect the integrity of the brokerage company. This AvaTrade review is governed by stipulated policies to cover clients from abusive practices and fraud. This is a major selling point for the company as clients enjoy low-risk investment dockets.

Bob Reina: He Knows What To Do

There are a lot of people in charge and they really don’t know what they are doing or how they ever got in the position they are in at the present moment. However, Bob Reina is someone that is in the right spot for the right reason. It was meant to be in the case of Bob Reina, and he’s proud of the fact he founded and created Talk Fusion, the video technology company. He knows the difference it makes in the lives of so many people out there that are unhappy and looking for another chance in life. Everyone loves a great redemption story, and Talk Fusion is filled with those kinds of stories.


It is about people that might have hit rock bottom and they might be in a position in their life where they are not really sure where to turn or what to do next. They thought they had the answers and they had it all figured out, but it turns out they were wrong and they need to change things up a little bit. They need to go down a different path and they need to start over. The path they are currently on, it is not working for them at the moment.


They have become so numb to their situation at their present job; they didn’t even realize there was a problem. However, they are seeing what is really going on right now and they are ready, willing, and able to attack it with Talk Fusion. They can use Talk Fusion and they can start to get that second chance they have wanted for the longest time. Once they have that second chance, there is no telling what they are going to do with it. They have the power, the conviction, and they are not afraid to go after what they want this time around, that is for sure.


For them, they do not want to waste a single second wondering or waiting in life. They want to go after it right now and they can’t wait to sink their teeth into it and see where it leads them. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital Is The Go-To Company For Middle Market Business Owners

Madison Street Capital puts its focus squarely on serving the investment banking needs of the middle market. The company has garnered a reputation for excellence in the financial industry and is well regarded for its experience, expertise and most importantly, its integrity. Madison Street Capital is based in Chicago, Illinois. The company has offices in Chicago, Oregon, Ghana and India. The organization prides itself on having a comprehensive understanding of the intricate details of corporate finance.


Madison Street Capital takes on a truly global approach to the issues of corporate finance. The firm is led by a highly knowledgeable group of executives that bring their deep analytical skills to each transaction. Madison Street Capital is the place to go for middle market businesses looking for things ranging from business valuation to price allocation. The company also specializes in financial reporting and asset management. Madison Street Capital has developed the kind of reputation over the years that leave its clients feeling comfortable that they are in good hands.


Madison Street Capital recently had the honor of acting as the lone financial advisor to software analytics powerhouse DCG Software Value. DCG’s recent merger with Spitfire Group is seen by industry insiders are adding great value to both brands. The top executives of both merging company’s levied high amounts of praise toward the staff of Madison Street Capital for their hard work in assisting to make the merger official.


Another big win for Madison Street Capital was won when the company coordinated a minority equity and subordinated debt investment for security firm ARES Security Corporation. Madison Street Capital was praised by ARES president Ben Eazzetta for the firm’s outstanding exercise of due diligence.


Madison Street Capital is the go-to place to find figures regarding the outlook of the hedge fund landscape. The company’s experts excel in the field of project mergers, acquisitions, investment performance and capital capacity in the hedge fund sector. The company’s devoted staff members are frequent recipients of industry honors. Madison Street Capital co-founder Anthony Marsala was recently named to the 40 Under Forty recognition program of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.


About Madison Street Capital:

Madison Street Capital is a privately held company that is based out of Chicago, Illinois. The company was founded in 2005. It has been in the business of providing services for private equity, mergers and acquisitions, advisory roles in investment banking, corporate tax planning services and business valuation services for thirteen years. Madison Street Capital has been a refuge over the years for middle market business owners that are seeking the perfect financial advisory services to fit their company’s needs. The company understands that often times, business owners can become overwhelmed in the quest for reliable advisory services. Madison Street Capital prides itself on taking this concern away from its clients.


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Bruno Fagali Fights For Corporate Integrity

     Bruno Fagali is a renowned Brazilian attorney operating from Sao Paulo. He is the founder of Fagali Advocates, a privately-held practice specializing in compliance, integrity management, and administrative law among others.

He handles various aspects of compliance, administrative law, ethics and corporate integrity among others. He obtained his law degree from the prestigious University of Sao Paulo in the city. His specialty is administrative law, especially in public service.

He enjoys explaining various parts of the Brazilian legal system in easy-to-understand ways. He recently described the fiasco that led to the firing of former Ford President Raj Nair. The move shocked many in the industry.

Raj is a career executive with over three decades at the firm. He rose through the ranks against the odds to occupy the top office. An internal investigation at the firm revealed that he had violated the company’s code of conduct.

The firm dismissed the top official in a public statement that is aimed mainly at mitigating against any liabilities that may arise. The dismissal sends a strong message to compliance professionals and business leaders. Observe the code of conduct or face the music.

The document also contains a statement by the official expressing regret over the non-compliance with ethical standards. It is rare for the involved parties in compliance cases to admit to liability.

The company is on a mission to resolve a string of compliance issues that have plagued the business since the nineties. All employees are subject to the internal code of conduct of the company they serve. Regardless of rank, employees must reflect high standards of integrity and reliability.

Bruno Fagali excels in corporate integrity management. He worked for various law firms in the country before starting his practice in his native city. He has handled extensive work in the media and advertising industry in Brazil.


Elysium Health Supports Cellular Health with Basis

Over a career that has spanned more than 30 years, Leonard Guarente, one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of aging has been at the forefront of significant breakthroughs in aging science.

Guarente believed that there may be a different, more effective angle from which to attempt to harness some of the many breakthroughs that had occurred over the last 20 years in the field of aging research.

In 2014, he founded Elysium Health, a consumer health company working to translate advances in science and technology into clinically-validated health products that work. Elysium partners with prominent academic institutions and universities, such as Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge, to fulfill our mission of solving the biggest challenges in health

Basis, a supplement and the company’s first product works by increasing the levels of the coenzyme NAD+, which is critical to hundreds of biological processes at the cellular level. As we age, our levels of NAD+ begin to decline and those processes can break down. By increasing and sustaining levels of NAD+, Basis supports well-being at the cellular level.

One bottle of A one-month supply of Basis costs $650, and it can be bought on the Elysium Health website. Elysium also offers monthly plans, which bring the cost down to between $40 and $50 per bottle.


Gregory James Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, in Ontario, London. He went to Ridley College and Ontario Western University where he specialized in economics. He joined the wholesale food business of his family in 1971. The family company grew and became the world’s best fresh foods from Central and South America and Europe for distributing to wholesale market for fresh food around the Eastern Canada and the US for more than 16 years.


In the1980s to early 1990s Gregory J Aziz worked hard in various opportunities in banking investments in New York. He was able to save capital, and in 1994 at Dofasco, and ended up purchasing National Steel Car under his watch. His primary goal was to convert the sizeable Canadian company into top railroad freight car producer in North America. With all attention and hard work through human and investment of capital, the company was able to increase its production per year at the time of buying from 3500 to 12,000 at 1999. Also, employment of people increased from about 600 to 3,000 as well.


Their hard work and persistent perfection of engineering and manufacturing have made the company lead in car invention and building many railroad freight car annually. The National Steel Car is the only North Americas freight car, engineering and producing company confirmed ISO 9001:2008 which has held privilege for a massive round of renewing certification for 18 years. The company has continuously been given the TTX SECO award which is high quality from 1996 over ten years.


Due to massive support and faith from their customers, good relationships with their suppliers and the exceptional commitment and integrity of more than 2,000 team members, National Steel Car will continue to build the quality railcars. National Steel Car is involved in Hamilton community; it has subsidized Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera and other substantial local non-profit making organizations. Yearly, there is a significant number of workers who attend Christmas Party of National Steel Car and enjoy the car food drive.


Greg Aziz has been the chairman and CEO of National Steel Car since 1994 up to now. National Steel Car is the global leading railroad freight car engineering and company manufacturer situated in Ontario, Hamilton. He and his wife Irene funds the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the most fabulous notable agricultural fair in Canada. The partnership of Horizon Utilities with National Steel Car is believed to secure over 2 million per year in kWH.


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Betsy Devos – article recap

The residents of western Michigan have started to have trouble with reconciling with the Betsy DeVos they knew and the new one who now serves President Trump as a controversial secretary of education. In fact, at times, her new job has been referred to as her “bully pulpit.” Still, no one denies the generous and pragmatic nature of DeVos even though they dislike her political standings. Some of the phrases used to speak about her have been, insulated, tone deaf and unprepared to fulfill the responsibilities of her role as the secretary of education. These were all words that came up when people who knew her were given interviews.



Background of DeVos

In 1958, DeVos was born into the conservative and wealthy Prince family. She was raised within the walls of the Christian Reformed Church out of Holland, Michigan. The community at large was mostly Dutch and sat close to the shores of Lake Michigan. After high school, DeVos enrolled at a Christian school found close to Grand Rapids called Calvin College. This was before she married into the DeVos family, which successfully co-founded Amway along with the Van Andel family. Dick DeVos used to pick her up in a Mercedes for dates.



Educational Convictions of DeVos

Given her hometown’s religious, ethnic and cultural ties to the Netherlands, DeVos’s education convictions are not surprising. In fact, as far back as the late 1800s, a debate swarmed around what public education within the Netherlands should look like. The liberal politicians successfully pushed for secular schools because they argued how the religious schools didn’t deserve the same public funding. What soon arose was the early beginnings of school choice. We have now seen the framework of this religiously based school and the different types of more secular based schools. Abraham Kuyper, a famous theologian, had significant influence on Calvin College, which is where Betsy DeVos may have been influenced on her views of public education.


These views on education continue strongly in Dutch society, and based on some of her notions, we could assume both the Trump administration and DeVos endorse these views. Critics have sometimes pointed out a violation of society’s commitment to a separation of church and state. Here’s the main ideal they’re fighting for—the basis of an equal treatment for all forms of education and a neutrality in the funding and how it goes to both secular and religious schools.


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Alex Pall Speaks Through His Music

The Chainsmokers just released their “Closer” track, and like many of their other tracks, it was a hit. The song even features Halsey, a well-known music star.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the stars of The Chainsmokers, and they have the same strong love of music. Pall was a DJ in New York City, and he worked in an art gallery for a time as well. He wanted to go for it and decided to really focus his energy on developing as a music artist-professionally. His manager introduced Taggart to him, and they started to work together. The rest is history.

Taggart also loved to DJ, and he even put a couple of songs on SoundCloud. He played a few shows, and when a spot opened up on The Chainsmokers, he filled it. He hit it off with Pall, and they worked hard t get where they are today.

It helped that Pall and Taggart got along, but they both had a similar vision and were moving in the same direction, so their combined efforts helped to propel them forward and into success as a music artist. Their songs offer a glimpse into their lives and into their life experiences. The duo uses Instagram to connect with their fans and audience, and they have realized that they have a substantial following.

Pall and Taggart are always trying new things and are adjusting their shows and performances to cater to their audiences. They are planning to perform at a festival in Red Rock, and it has already sold out. They are also planning to go on tour in the fall. The Chainsmokers perform their songs live and are all about challenging themselves. The duo is always trying to expand and create new music.

Their audience has grown from being college students mostly to include fans in ages ranging from 15 to 30. They are aware of their fans and age ranges and cater to that. They want everyone to be able to enjoy their music, and they are having fun playing for people who genuinely enjoy their creativity and music.