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Paul Herdsman Is A Champion For Your Business


During a meeting with Paul Herdsman talked about what’s made him such a success as an entrepreneur. He holds many roles most notably the head of his company NICE Global. He has years of experience he brings to the table to keep his staff happy and his customers coming back.

When asked how his professional background has prepared him to be the COO of NICE Global, Paul had this to say; “Throughout all his jobs he’s always tried to take a look at the things he enjoyed doing and looking at the things he was good at. Paul was able to quickly read the patterns and find things he not only enjoyed within the business but things he excelled at.”

Paul Herdsman goes on to say he had the autonomy in his previous jobs to figure out the kinds of skills he needed to pursue what he wanted to do and that has been something he carried into his current venture.

He says the inspiration for starting NICE Global which provides a way to get things like customer service, technical support, and data entry on an outsourced basis, came from working for large companies that used outsourcing.

He wanted a place that was in a convenient location to provide the kinds of services they were getting from companies all over the place. NICE Global lets the business focus on the things they need to do to keep growing and take care of all the clerical and behind the scenes work. This helps companies save money and hours training the staff they need to do these kinds of things. It cuts back on turnover because there aren’t any employees there to quit. Read This Article for additional information.

Paul Herdsman says he helps his employees work effectively by mentoring them or having a senior employee mentor them and offering support in any way possible. The employees are trained in a way they know how to do everything within the company and that helps them with their turn over and employee satisfaction. They also encourage professional development so employees continue to stay engaged with their jobs and want to stick around because they feel like the company cares and they are making a difference.

He says it’s important for everyone to maintain a healthy life and work balance and look to the future. There are several ways they want to expand and have been taking into consideration a new area and opening a second location in Kingston. They are looking at all their options, the amount of space they have, and their plans for the company. With Paul Herdsman at the helm, he says the next logical step is expansion, they just need to do it in a way that benefits everyone customers and employees alike.


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Upwork’s Insane Success: Security and Opportunity While Freelancing

Upwork’s Insane Success: Security and Opportunity While FreelancingWhen two companies merged together in 2014, Upwork was formed. Upwork is the leading digital destination for those looking for consultant labor. The company has raised over one hundred million dollars since 2014 in funding. Investors invested thirty million dollars in a first round shortly after the merger. There are talks on the table of an investor investing thirty million dollars into the company. Over two hundred million dollars in revenue has been reported by the digital company. Hundreds of thousands of freelancers in seventy different job fields use Upwork to conduct business. Nearly one hundred thousand clients flock to the site to hire freelancers. Unfortunately, Upwork did report a three million dollar lost. Despite having yet to earn a profit, Upwork is still seen as a great investment from a number of investors.

Upwork’s platform speaks to many people who work as freelancers or gig workers. The platform allows people to work remotely with information being stored in one safe location on the Upwork platform. The gig economy is expanding rapidly with Etsy workers, Uber and Lyft drivers and Air B&B landlords. Upwork allows for today’s millennials to find gig work from their platform. Upwork has its competitors but has the largest platform of its kind. Freelancer, Fiverr, Craigslist and TaskRabbit are their competitors. But for some unique way Upwork has been able to outdo all of these competitors.

Data assets and algorithms uniquely designed solely for Upwork has allowed for the company to flourish in this rising gig economy. Feedback, skills and job success are one of the many ways they are able to match freelancers and employers. Employers are able to evaluate from a list of selected freelancers they would like to hire. Upwork earns a percentage of what an employer hires the freelancer for. Investors are so glued to this company because of the promise both Upwork and this new gig economy are expected to bring. Economists know that for the past decade ninety four percent of new job creation was in non traditional sectors. Upwork may just prove as a big pay off for early investors.

Holiday Planning With Kimberly Bakker


As the days on the calendar tick closer to the big holidays at the end of the month, individuals all over the country are beginning to consider their holiday party plans. Kimberly Bakker is a professional event planner out of the San Francisco region. She boasts her passion for planning events using the unique touches of the clients. In a recent Chronicle of the Week article, she discusses a variety of tips to help individuals plan their parties efficiently.


A party cannot come together properly without planning. Kimberly Bakker suggests a strong first step is to create a list to plan out the steps to completing the party, the food, the people attending, and who completes each assigned task. A good host is someone who enjoys the party as much as the guests. They also need to be in tuned with the venue and creating the atmosphere. Decorating the location with familiar objects help enhance the sense of unity among its members.


In order to establish a lively setting, the host has many aspects to consider. They should play background music, and have lighting that helps increase socializing among the attendees. Kimberly Bakker strongly advises having the food prepared in advance, and taking photos to cement the occasion in memory of the members. Similarly, to prevent any issues form ruining the occasion, always have alternate plans to defuse any tensions that arise. Lastly, having definitive start and end times helps the attendees know what to expect and pace their time properly. View More Information Here.


Kimberly Bakker recognizes that each individual expected different things out of an event. Some want to show off the family history, others want it to be causal, in either event she works within her means to create the best event possible. The holidays are a fun time.


Kimberly Bakker is a dedicated mother and a “Momtrepreneur”, who runs Kimberly Bakker Events. Her work ethic has mothers everywhere wondering how she does it and how she seems to be flawless in all aspects of life despite her busy schedule. In life and in business, Bakker has a meticulous plan for everything in order to ensure the best results for her loved ones and clients.


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How Has Richard Liu Qiangdong Transformed The Retail Industry?

Richard Liu Qiangdong is also understood as Richard Liu. He is the CEO and founder of, among the largest e-commerce platforms in China. He has a degree in sociology from the University of Renmin in China. As a student, Richard Liu honed his programming skills by working as a freelancer. After graduating, he was hired at Japan life, a health product company. At the company, he held different roles such as director for business and director for computers.


After leaving Japan life in 1998, Richard Liu opened his own shop that sold magneto-optical products. Jingdong was the name he gave to the company and by 2003 the company had grown to twelve stores. During the year, there was a SARS outbreak which forced the customers and employees of the company to stay house-bound. This was a threat to the future of Jingdong. This made Richard Liu consider his idea of brick-and-mortar, thus leading to the formation of


By 2005, Richard Liu Qiangdong had closed down all his stores and shifted his focus to e-commerce. He started selling electronics, and quality consumer goods using the platform. Many people in China began to use e-commerce to buy and sell products because they did not want to risk going out and get infected with SARS. Over the years, has struggled to compete Alibaba in terms of e-commerce.


To compete effectively with Alibaba, and change the supply chain, has partnered with many offline retail stores such as Walmart and electronic shops. The products sold on ranges from seafood to fresh fruits. These products are stored in the stores, and they are made available for online orders through the help of See This Page for related information.


In an interview with Richard Liu, he said that the company’s partnership with Walmart has changed the supply chain. Customers leaving close to the stores can order products, and they will be delivered within an hour. The combination of physical and online experience for customers with the help of mobile applications have improved customer experience, and it has exceeded their expectations. During the interview entitled “An Insight, An Idea”, Richard Liu said that his ambition is to expand the company’s supply chain ability to other parts of the world so as to connect many more brands.


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Queen Mary In London Is Home To One Of The Leading Figures In AI Anthony Constantinou


Artificial Intelligence is a subject that has fascinated man for many decades now. The research and development of AI technology continue all over the world by talented minds looking to create a world that is made better by this technology. Anthony Constantinou is a head researcher at Queen Mary’s University in London that has dedicated his career and his studies to understanding AI and the Bayesian Model for AI. The primary reason for better understanding AI and developing better AI technology is to benefit humankind all throughout society in many different industries. Queen Mary’s is one of the leading institutes behind AI in the UK and Anthony Constantinou studied there for many years.


On top of his work as the Head of Bayesian AI, Anthony Constantinou also acts as an assistant professor from time to time. Constantinou is also a lecturer who focuses on research related to Data Mining and Machine Learning. Before Anthony found his position as the Head of Bayesian AI at Queen Mary’s, he was working at the Barts and London School of Medicine where he focused on forensic psychiatry and how the Bayesian Network could help in this area. Anthony Constantinou was even named as the “Principal Investigator” for the EPSRC Fellowship for his impressive publication on Bayesian Artificial Intelligence.


These days, Anthony also works as a freelance consultant alongside his Bayesian research to see how his predictions can help people throughout society. Using the Bayesian model, Anthony tries to find ways to predict situations that are typically uncertain in all different industry, including retail, sports, and entertainment. See This Page for related information.


Although it is highly complicated working with AI and decision-making processes, Anthony Constantinou enjoys his work and is ever trying to improve his own knowledge and skills. By running simulations, Anthony Constantinou is able to better understand statistics and find patterns that could help him solve big questions in robotics, AI, and risk analytics.


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Roseann Bennet: Service And Assistance


Roseann Bennet is a family and marriage counselor that has devoted her life to the mental health of individuals and their families for 10 years. Bennett has always worked with families and adolescents in New Jersey and even went on to work as an in home therapist to get a more personal outlook on her patient’s familial situations.

In 2009, she and her husband Todd went out on their own to make her dreams come true. They funded the project with their own savings and within a year Roseann Bennet opened the doors to her own practice for the same patients she’d visited years before. She named it Center for Assessment and Treatment and since 2010 she has maintained her devotion to the mental health of her clients.

Bennet’s practice has always been focused on being therapeutic and as beneficial a space as possible for their clients, and being an in-home therapist for so many years has definitely helped Bennet to develop a better understanding of the various goals of therapy. Read This Article for related information.

She has recently made the decision to incorporate “Canine Assisted Therapy” into her regime. Bennet has come to understand that animals have always been used to aid people in their day-to-day lives for a plethora of reasons.

They can call for help in the event of an emergency or they can provide a sense of support for those going through a rough time. That’s why as Executive Director of Center for Assessment and Treatment, Roseann Bennet took the liberty of adding “Jack” to the team. A service dog who will provide assistance to patients in her practice that could benefit from such a companion.


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Waiakea Water: A Bottled Water Brand Making A Difference

Waiakea Water is swiftly made a splash in the global bottled water market thanks to its refreshing flavor and unique packaging. As of today, Waiakea is the only bottled water on the market made entirely from pristine Hawaiian volcanic water.

Waiakea Waters’ founder Ryan Emmons says he got the idea to bottle Hawaiian volcanic water after he took a trip to the Aloha State in 2011. At the time, Emmons was living with his uncle and was impressed by the taste of the natural water from a nearby well.

After he graduated from the University of Southern California, Emmons returned to Hawaii with the goal of creating a sustainable company that could share this delicious water with the world. He immediately bought a lease to bottle the waters from the Mauna Loa volcano and developed his iconic Waiakea Water brand.

In addition to giving Waiakea Water a unique taste, the pristine volcanic water has an impressive array of vitamins and essential minerals. Just a few of the many volcanic water benefits include high concentrations of bio-available magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Also, Waiakea Water pH level hovers between 7.6 and 8.2, making it extremely alkaline.

Emmons has worked hard to make his company as eco-friendly as possible. For instance, all of Waiakea Water’s bottles are made with a special substance known as TimePlast. This unique additive greatly enhances the bio-degradability of Waiakea Water bottles. Standard bottled waters take over 1,500 years to fully dissolve, but TimePlast helps Waiakea Water bottles disintegrate within only 15 years.

Yet another way Emmons is using Waiakea Water to make a positive impact in the world is by working with the non-profit group Pump Aid. Every time Waiakea sell one liter of product they send one week’s worth of pure water to some of the world’s poorest regions.

Recently, the Specialty Food Association recognized Emmons’ efforts with the Citizenship Leadership Award. Waiakea Water has received praise from big-name publications like Beverage World Magazine and Inc.

Vin Gupta In Philanthropy


Vin Gupta is one of the successful business people that we have today. He is the founder and the Managing General Partner of the Everest Group, a venture capital firm that invests in undervalued assets as well as investing in database technology startups. Gupta has recorded huge success in the database business for decades. In the 1970s. Vin created the American Business Information with only $100, and in 2010, he sold the company for $680 million. At the point of sale, the company was known as InfoGroup.

It is through this database business that Vin Gupta has proved to be a brilliant entrepreneur. He has shown that to be successful in the business sector has nothing to do with huge starting capital, but a great idea that can run with small startup capital. In the business world of today, many young entrepreneurs think that the startup capital limits them, but this is not the case. It is all about good ideas that will transform a small business into a multinational.

Vin Gupta has managed to make his success a benefit to others. He is helping thousands of people to enrich their lives by offering them life-changing opportunities. Gupta has made it his mission to assist those who would struggle to get good education on their own. See This Page for additional information.

He has built schools for girls in India and supports educational courses in his Alma mater, the University of Nebraska. Vin Gupta is supporting educational programs on a global scale. Thousands of young people in India and the United States are enjoying world-class education through his initiatives.

The need to help others drives Vinod Gupta, and he has even dedicated all his wealth to philanthropy. Gupta gets happiness from sharing with the less fortunate, and is wish today is to see fellow human beings living better lives.


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Igor Cornelsen: Pioneer of the Financial World

Experience in a field for a long time leads to expertise in any field. Well, when it comes to stocks and finances, we have Igor Cornelsen. Igor Cornelsen has been in the finance field since time immemorial. He was born in 1947 in Brazil. When he was of age, he went to the Federal University of Parana.

In the 1960’s, Federal University of Parana was the only engineering school in the whole of States of Parana. This explains why securing a position in the University was a big achievement. After studying engineering for two years, Igor decided to diversify and study economics in the same University.

After his graduation in 1970, he went in search of a job in the banking institutions. This is because, in the past years, technology had not been developed. Therefore, engineers were needed to calculate compound interests with their sliding rule knowledge.

Over the years, Igor Cornelsen has created a name for himself in the financial sector and held many premium positions. In 1995, he finally decided to quit employment and started his firm. He says that his idea was inspired by the mere coincidence of his experience in the field for many years.

There are many factors that make Igor different as an individual. For instance, he does not believe in judging himself based on other people’s opinions, one reason why he has no favorite quote. Igor has carried forward this attitude to his career, which is why he uses Reuters to get investment information instead of relying on analysts who might be biased. He advises the young investors to do the same.

His advice to the upcoming business people is to focus on reading factual information and avoid opinions as a source of income. He explains that as a young business person you have to learn to know how news will affect the market. Also, you need to make decisions based on the whole world and not some parts.

Kimberly Bakker: Survive The Holidays


The holiday season can be a joyful, relaxing time spent with loved ones and close friends, or it can be an absolute nightmare. Many of us will dread the holidays due to the immense stress that can come with planning the perfect dinners or parties for our families and friends. The truth is that many of us put planning for the holidays off till the last minute. This creates a scenario where it can be almost impossible to truly relax and have a great time.

Kimberly Bakker is a businesswoman who understands how important it is to properly plan ahead for any important event, including the holidays. She can successfully do this along with juggling her responsibilities of being a mother.

Kimberly Bakker is a dedicated mother and an entrepreneur who established Kimberly Bakker Events. Her work ethic has mothers everywhere wondering how she does it and how she seems to be flawless in all aspects of life despite her busy schedule. In life and in business, she has a meticulous plan for everything in order to ensure the best results for her loved ones and clients.

“Momtrepreneur” Kimberly Bakker recently gave some tips meant to enable individuals to plan memorable holiday events with as little stress as possible.

The lighting you use can add to the atmosphere during the holidays. Using soft and natural lighting sources can create a great mood and really put you and your guests in the holiday spirit. You can light up the fireplace or add some candles to a dinner table. These sources of light will make your guests feel more comfortable. It is also important to plan what you are going to wear the night before an event. Another important tip is to prepare some of the food ahead of time. Refer to This Article for more information.

Christmas cookies can be fine for several weeks in an airtight tin. Other deserts can be made the night before. If fresh vegetables are going to be used, it is best to chop them all up the day before, which can save a lot of time. An extremely important tip is to plan a budget for the dinner or party. The holiday season is an expensive time of the year for most people, but you should only spend an amount that is within reason.


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