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Michael Burwell Shares Secrets To Effective Leadership

Finance guru Michael Burwell has been appointed the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson. His Appointment comes after years of working in various accounting and auditing firms for over three decades. These years of experience coupled with his financial education background has paved the way for him in the competitive finance world. Burwell has been known for his support of technology and has pioneered various inventions that have increased productivity in the market.


One of the ideologies that have propelled him to the top is Michael Burwell’s belief in the power of excellent listening skills. He advises employers to listen to their employees and peers as well in a bid to better the workings of their companies. He has also been described as a relentless and hardworking man in every company that he has worked in. This makes him not just a leader in the financial space but also a role model to aspiring entrepreneurs. Michael Burwell also campaigns for self-belief drawing it from his personal life.


Michael Burwell notes one of his accomplishments as the success of those he has mentored and are now holding high ranking positions in their respective companies. He also pleasantly mentions his ability to increase the productivity of his company without retrenching some of the employees. Given that most companies have been forced to lay off their employees to increase productivity in the current economy, Michael Burwell’s strategy is very impressive. See This Page for related information.


One of the milestones that Michael Burwell is remembered for is his input at Google. In a project that saw his company partner with the multi-billion search engine, Michael Burwell oversaw innovations that helped the company maintain its impressive market share.


Michael Burwell has expressed his faith in the current generation and championed for their inclusion in various fields like data analysis. He believes that the digital innovations needed to solve some of the problems in data storage can be solved by the technologies that the young generation comes up with. His advice to young aspiring business persons is to value collaboration and perfect their communication skills. This he says, is key to being an effective leader.