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Matthew Fleeger, Leader Behind Success of Gulf Coast Western

The Oil and Gas industry has been one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With the development of different natural fuels, many industries have vowed to change their method of productions to once that sustain and promote a more livable environment. Matthew Fleeger has been one of the figures in this lucrative business. Fleeger studied Business in the Southern Methodist University in U.S and later went back to work in his father’s Oil and Gas industry famously known as the Gulf Coast Western. While in the company he leant excellent marketing and finance skills that would help him later as he founded his first company.

In 1993, Matthew Fleeger started MedSolutions, a company that dealt with proper disposal of medical waste among others. However, he sold MedSolutions in 2007 to focus on his father’s business where he has been one of the senior principles till today. Matthew Fleeger today is one of the influential persons in the corporate management sector from the experience he has in Gulf Coast Western Industry. In his tenure, the company is garnering so much success as it strives to produce non-harmful fuels in the U.S.

Today he serves in the company as the president and CEO. Despite being the driving force in Gulf Coast, he has also brought the company to receive several accolades for their efforts in the environment sustainability. Gulf Coast today have the upper hand in the production of oil and gas in the gulf coast region as well as the U.S as whole. Matthew Fleeger has established good relationship with clients who can much be relied on. On the broader spectrum, they are willing to work following their guidelines and policies that have contributed partially to the company’s success. Under his leadership, the company is also expanding its areas of production across the country as well as producing more natural gas and fuels.