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Kimberly Bakker: Survive The Holidays


The holiday season can be a joyful, relaxing time spent with loved ones and close friends, or it can be an absolute nightmare. Many of us will dread the holidays due to the immense stress that can come with planning the perfect dinners or parties for our families and friends. The truth is that many of us put planning for the holidays off till the last minute. This creates a scenario where it can be almost impossible to truly relax and have a great time.

Kimberly Bakker is a businesswoman who understands how important it is to properly plan ahead for any important event, including the holidays. She can successfully do this along with juggling her responsibilities of being a mother.

Kimberly Bakker is a dedicated mother and an entrepreneur who established Kimberly Bakker Events. Her work ethic has mothers everywhere wondering how she does it and how she seems to be flawless in all aspects of life despite her busy schedule. In life and in business, she has a meticulous plan for everything in order to ensure the best results for her loved ones and clients.

“Momtrepreneur” Kimberly Bakker recently gave some tips meant to enable individuals to plan memorable holiday events with as little stress as possible.

The lighting you use can add to the atmosphere during the holidays. Using soft and natural lighting sources can create a great mood and really put you and your guests in the holiday spirit. You can light up the fireplace or add some candles to a dinner table. These sources of light will make your guests feel more comfortable. It is also important to plan what you are going to wear the night before an event. Another important tip is to prepare some of the food ahead of time. Refer to This Article for more information.

Christmas cookies can be fine for several weeks in an airtight tin. Other deserts can be made the night before. If fresh vegetables are going to be used, it is best to chop them all up the day before, which can save a lot of time. An extremely important tip is to plan a budget for the dinner or party. The holiday season is an expensive time of the year for most people, but you should only spend an amount that is within reason.


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