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Kamil Idris: Stressing the Importance of Intellectual Property and Freedom

When is the last time that you wrote something or drew something that really matters to you? Maybe you invented a way to do the dishes faster or a toy that your dog likes better than any of the others. You may not think about it that way, but those things are your intellectual property and you retain a basic human right to them that is protected by organizations such as the world intellectual property organization, or WIPO. WIPO is an important organization, but you may have never heard of it. The individuals that work at WIPO have spent much of their careers as champions for intellectual property rights. They strive to create international accords that help secure those rights in national governments all over the world.

Former general director Prof. Kamil Idris even issued a detailed description of the importance of April 26th. You see, April 26th is World Intellectual Property Day. This is a day where everyone comes together to celebrate the freedoms that they have been afforded when it comes to their unbound creativity. Organizations, governments, and many other types of entities all over the world have increased their awareness of this day in an effort to advocate for those rights. Did you know that without secure intellectual property, we would not have access to major events such as the Olympics? Prof. Kamil Idris understands how important maintaining these liberties are and he has dedicated much of his career to civil servitude to help protect those rights.

After leaving WIPO, Prof. Kamil Idris went on to serve ads WASD. WASD is known as the World Association for Sustainable Development. This place is also in the realm of advocacy, even if it is on a much grander scale. Prof. Kamil Idris works with WASD to ensure sustainability in many new products, but even that work requires a lot of attention from his days at WIPO. It seems that no matter what field you are working on the concept of individual freedom and intellectual rights will always remain a major determining factor in your day-to-day business. Prof. Kamil Idris understands this in hopes that more people pay attention to this important concept.