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JR Ridinger, the Founder, and CEO of Market America

JR Ridinger is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of the Market America Company. It is a company that has been in existence and operational for more than 25 years. As a man who believes in people, JR Ridinger wanted a marketing module that would enable people to become financially independent as they sell products online. That is something that he believed on from way back in 1984.


Today, he has created a company that enables customers to earn money through buying products from Market America, and this has also opened doors and opportunities to entrepreneurs who have become major distributors for the company. JR Ridinger, the Market America CEO has created a system where merchants and entrepreneurs have their online shops at SHOP.COM website where people are connected, and others are invited to shop through a referral system.


The company has today made or rather created many millionaires who have earned more than $2.5billion in profits and commissions. It was a dream that the chief executive officer of Market America had since the inception of the company and has been able to achieve it. Consequently, it has created successful people and helped others to be successful in life.


As the company is growing day by day and entering into new fields, it is evident that more entrepreneurs will be created all over the world. JR Ridinger is also a family man and is married to one wife Loren Ridinger. They have been blessed with two children and two grandchildren.