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Jana Lightspeed is Empowering Women

Lightspeed comes first among the companies that have managed to do well in the recent years. The institution values the role of the modern woman, and it has given its top positions to women who have taken their roles very seriously. The technology company believes that all the experts it has hired know how to code. Jana Messerschmidt is a leader who occupies the role of partner in the successful venture. Being a woman has never stopped the career woman from taking the tech company to better levels in the market. Gone are the days when the technology industry was dominated by men. Lightspeed has given its women equal opportunities just like the men, and they are doing well just like the rest of the firms who are led by men leaders.

Jana Messershmidt joined the prestigious company not long ago. Just like any young executive in the market, the businesswoman says that she has had her share of challenges. Her career life has always been in business development, engineering and sales. The executive had never served in a technology firm in the past, so this was the first time she was going to handle the complex issues in the tech world. Jana Lightspeed knew what it takes to raise a company from scratch, so she used her previous leadership skills to maintain the position of partner. While speaking about her career achievements, Jana Lightspeed disclosed that she has always loved hosting events, especially those that deal with empowering and building the communities around her. Jana has seen how the communities have failed in women empowerment, and she has been in the frontline to encourage women to take on leadership, regardless of the industries they are venturing into. According to her, women have always been underrepresented in most of the nations, and it is time they be included in wealth creation and other matters in the society.