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Jacob Gottlieb and His Investment Fund Altium

Jacob Gottlieb, who is known in business circles as being one of the giants of healthcare investing, runs a healthcare-oriented fund called Altium Capital. Gottlieb has degrees in both medicine and economics, so he is the perfect person to make decisions for the fund. In particular, he looks for startup companies with new and potentially profitable ideas and technologies. Altium operates out of New York City and is a new venture. Gottlieb shares office space with his old friend and fellow healthcare investment expert Stuart Weisbrod.

Selecting companies to invest in

One of Altium’s investments is in the pharmaceutical company Amarin, which has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and also maintains an administrative presence in Bedminster, New Jersey. Amarin focuses on producing pharmaceuticals that fight heart disease, and their first drug to be approved for sale by the FDA was Vascepa in 2012.

Another company that Gottlieb has invested in that appears to have a very bright future is Oragenics. Two physicians founded the company, and it specializes in the emerging field of bacteria replacement therapy. Essentially, this type of therapy is about replacing harmful bacteria with helpful bacteria to fight infectious diseases. As many diseases are becoming more powerful against traditional antibiotics, this field is becoming more important all the time.

A history of financial success

Gottlieb founded the highly successful Visium Asset Management in 2005, which also was a healthcare sector hedge fund. The fund did extremely well before melting down in an insider-trading scandal in 2016. While most of the other executives of Visium were implicated in the scandal, Gottlieb himself was cleared of wrongdoing and emerged unscathed. His new venture is being watched very closely by those who have noted his track record of being able to spot revolutionary companies in the healthcare industry while they are still in their infancy, and there is every reason that his momentum will continue with Altium.