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Igor Cornelsen: Pioneer of the Financial World

Experience in a field for a long time leads to expertise in any field. Well, when it comes to stocks and finances, we have Igor Cornelsen. Igor Cornelsen has been in the finance field since time immemorial. He was born in 1947 in Brazil. When he was of age, he went to the Federal University of Parana.

In the 1960’s, Federal University of Parana was the only engineering school in the whole of States of Parana. This explains why securing a position in the University was a big achievement. After studying engineering for two years, Igor decided to diversify and study economics in the same University.

After his graduation in 1970, he went in search of a job in the banking institutions. This is because, in the past years, technology had not been developed. Therefore, engineers were needed to calculate compound interests with their sliding rule knowledge.

Over the years, Igor Cornelsen has created a name for himself in the financial sector and held many premium positions. In 1995, he finally decided to quit employment and started his firm. He says that his idea was inspired by the mere coincidence of his experience in the field for many years.

There are many factors that make Igor different as an individual. For instance, he does not believe in judging himself based on other people’s opinions, one reason why he has no favorite quote. Igor has carried forward this attitude to his career, which is why he uses Reuters to get investment information instead of relying on analysts who might be biased. He advises the young investors to do the same.

His advice to the upcoming business people is to focus on reading factual information and avoid opinions as a source of income. He explains that as a young business person you have to learn to know how news will affect the market. Also, you need to make decisions based on the whole world and not some parts.