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Hussain Sajwani Still Values The Catering Business He Started

Located within one of the Middle East’s largest and most attractive cities, Dubai, real estate mogul and investor Hussain Sajwani goes about his daily office tasks in DAMAC Properties’ headquarters. But on his wall is a plaque that he earned nearly 30 years ago commemorating the time he and his chefs prepared and served large quantities of food to US soldiers serving during the Gulf War. Sajwani started off with this business because at the time it generated millions in sales, but also because it was a special way he could serve people. Even though real estate has been where he’s made his greatest fortune, catering is still included at the company to this day and Sajwani takes great pride in it.


Becoming DAMAC owner has been a landmark achievement for Hussain Sajwani and he’s received many CEO of the Year awards for it as well as his most recent award of “Real Estate Legend.” Even more special is the special relationship between the Hussain Sajwani family and US President Trump’s family, a relationship that began when Trump first looked into building the Trump Estates in the UAE and has since turned into a very personal friendship. Sajwani has said that even though Trump may now have the biggest political job in the world now, the two of them rarely get into political discussions when they visit. Sajwani is excited about the Trump World Golf Club that just opened, and he hopes this means even more deals will follow shortly.


Sajwani began his career at an oil company as a contracts manager and then began his catering business a couple years later. He began going into hotel property real estate in 1996 when he bought a few smaller hotels, then started DAMAC Properties in 2002. He began with the investment in Marina Terrace in 2003, added Park Towers in 2005, completed DAMAC Tower in Beirut in partnership with Versace in 2010 and has since built DAMAC Hills, DAMAC Maison and begun AYKON City. Sajwani also owns DICO Investments, a private equity investment company and Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles in Oman.