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How Surf Air Is Changing The Game On The Way You Fly

People who fly frequently know that the act of securing a flight can be a daunting task. From parking to waiting in long lines, the process can be frustrating to a lot of flight-goers. A company called Surf Air is striving to turn your frustration into joy by going against the grain and providing a different approach than your normal traditional flight can offer.


For passengers who want the luxury feel without all the hassle of traditional flights, Surf Air is who you are looking for. With its headquarters based in Santa Monica, California, Surf Air flies approximately 2.9 million passengers on a daily basis and is still growing since they opened their doors in 2012. Passengers love the fact that they can pay a flat fee and fly anywhere they want as opposed to paying a different cost to travel to different regions. Get Additional Information Here.


Another benefit of Surf Air is that they offer membership packages that are sure to fit most people’s needs. One of their most popular packages allows members to pay a recurring monthly fee that will let you fly as often as you want. Now, how’s that for the person who loves to fly but does not like the process involved in securing a flight? Surf Air also offers group packages that make flying large groups of people for family vacations or business trips simple, fun, and affordable.


One of the most unique perks that Surf Air offers is the Surf Air iPhone App that allows you to book your flight and reservations in advance. The app also lets you book your flights 30 minutes before your scheduled flight which is unheard of for your traditional commercial flight.


With their commitment to satisfaction, Surf Air aims to change the flight game as we know it. And with a staff of over 300 people, you are sure to get all your needs met and beyond.