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Clay Huston, the production manager

Clay Huston is one of the prominent names in the entertainment industry and majorly in live entertainment including tours and stage performances. At college, he studied theatre design and worked with several companies as a project manager, producer, sound engineer, and more related tasks.

Through these companies, he acquired immense skills since he is hard working and takes a very keen consideration of whatever was put on his desk. After he perfected his competent skills, Clay Huston saw it necessary to go after his entrepreneurial dreams and started his on tour management and production company.

Recently, clay Huston has often been involving himself in stage management and venue planning activities. These activities have been running smoothly due to Huston’s habit of being an early bird. He wakes up very early to make sure he arrives at the venue before anyone else to lay out schedules and plan of the day and that of the team.

To ensure effectiveness and efficiency of all the events taking place during the show, all the preparation activities are done before the show and also bearing in mind all the consequences that are likely to be associated with the outcomes of the show.

As an entrepreneur, Clay Huston carries in mind that perfect live tours and performance shows will enlighten his name in the industry and attract more clients to him which will mean growth of his business. Huston is also aware that low-quality tours can forever tarnish his name.

The live entertainment industry is very dynamic with constant technological trends. To avoid being obsolete, Huston is always on toes with any arising technological advancement to wow his clients and attain a competitive advantage.

He has been able to enhance the mobility of the lights during his shows, and he is also hoping that the introduction of big screens during the shows will be done as soon as possible. Through his quality work, Huston has been able to work with big names in the entertainment industry such as lady Gaga, Pink, kid rock, garbage among many others.