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CEO Steve Ritchie Dictates That All Papa John’s Employees Attend Diversity Training


CEO Steve Ritchie Papa John’s of Papa John’s International has decided to require that every employee of this company attend diversity training. His company had poor earnings last year that he is trying to recover from. He decided that having employees do diversity training would lead to more revenue and profit.

He crafted an open letter that was provided to everyone who works for Papa John’s, its franchisees, and its customers. Steve Ritchie’s letter stated that when he took over as CEO in January 2018 he made inclusion, diversity, and equity at Papa John’s one of his most important priorities. He added that at the core of his company is fairness, respect, equity, and opportunity for all.

Steve Ritchie is following in the footsteps of what Starbucks did in early 2018. They closed all of their stores one day and had every staff member attend mandatory racial bias training. This was done after two black customers at a Starbucks location in Philadelphia had been arrested for sitting in their store. The store manager called the police saying that they were loitering. There was a national outcry after this event as well as some people trying to organize a national boycott of Starbucks.

Papa John’s won’t be closing stores, though, for their diversity training. Employees will instead attend training in groups so that there is no disruption to business. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Steve Ritchie has been at Papa John’s since 1996. He started out in customer service and 10 years later he owned his own Papa Johns franchise. He became this company’s chief operating officer in 2014. He has also been a director of operations, general manager, and delivery driver. While still working for Papa John’s he also spent three years at Calistoga Bakery Café as an operations consultant.

Being in the pizza business is a passion of Steve Ritchie. Before he was employed by Papa John’s he had owned a local pizza joint in Louisville, Kentucky. He says he spent 14 hours a day working at his pizzeria, 7 days a week. His dedication to hard work led to him being named to the Forty under Forty by Louisville Business First in 2013.


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