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Waiakea Water: A Bottled Water Brand Making A Difference

Waiakea Water is swiftly made a splash in the global bottled water market thanks to its refreshing flavor and unique packaging. As of today, Waiakea is the only bottled water on the market made entirely from pristine Hawaiian volcanic water.

Waiakea Waters’ founder Ryan Emmons says he got the idea to bottle Hawaiian volcanic water after he took a trip to the Aloha State in 2011. At the time, Emmons was living with his uncle and was impressed by the taste of the natural water from a nearby well.

After he graduated from the University of Southern California, Emmons returned to Hawaii with the goal of creating a sustainable company that could share this delicious water with the world. He immediately bought a lease to bottle the waters from the Mauna Loa volcano and developed his iconic Waiakea Water brand.

In addition to giving Waiakea Water a unique taste, the pristine volcanic water has an impressive array of vitamins and essential minerals. Just a few of the many volcanic water benefits include high concentrations of bio-available magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Also, Waiakea Water pH level hovers between 7.6 and 8.2, making it extremely alkaline.

Emmons has worked hard to make his company as eco-friendly as possible. For instance, all of Waiakea Water’s bottles are made with a special substance known as TimePlast. This unique additive greatly enhances the bio-degradability of Waiakea Water bottles. Standard bottled waters take over 1,500 years to fully dissolve, but TimePlast helps Waiakea Water bottles disintegrate within only 15 years.

Yet another way Emmons is using Waiakea Water to make a positive impact in the world is by working with the non-profit group Pump Aid. Every time Waiakea sell one liter of product they send one week’s worth of pure water to some of the world’s poorest regions.

Recently, the Specialty Food Association recognized Emmons’ efforts with the Citizenship Leadership Award. Waiakea Water has received praise from big-name publications like Beverage World Magazine and Inc.

Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

When looking for a place to enjoy life for the elderly and disabled, Sussex Healthcare is the place. The institution enhances the quality of life in a conducive environment. The academy has twenty homes and centrally located in the UK. Our number one priority is providing a happy life and worth living. Also, we offer healthcare services as well as companionship. People entrust us with their loved ones since we rate the most appropriate health facility. We cater to each patient’s needs regardless of their age. The workers have skills in providing the right concern to the patients regarding emotional and physical needs. At Sussex Healthcare, we have a distinguishable understanding for the clients. Every patient asks for individual therapeutic attention hence each patient has designated time for attention.


Sussex Healthcare is a part of Sussex Health Care Group, a dynamic group of companies and organizations dedicated to the highest standards of health care from diagnostic and frontline services to the provision of long-term specialist adult care, research and education


Our primary concern is the well-being of the elderly. However, we extend our accommodative nature to people with special needs. We welcome people with various life conditions like neurological condition, autism, learning disabilities, and those with brain injuries to our system. At Sussex Healthcare, we embrace to offer a welcoming atmosphere of leisure and recreational activities. We provide a comfortable life to each patient without the perception that a healthy life is just living with lack of illnesses. A meaningful life is a primary goal at Sussex Healthcare center.


Sussex Healthcare work closely with consultants and specialist teams such as the National Hospital for Neurology in Queens Square, The Royal Hospital for Neurological Disorders and Guys and St Thomas hospitals.


We help stimulate the mental and physical activeness through various activities. The fun activities should drive a sense of healing and motivate the patient to lead a healthy life. The sole purpose of the establishment of the healthcare facility is to make sure each patient lives happily and with a smile and no physical or mental pain. The specialists specialize in various areas to handle patients with dignity and respect. Therefore, they can settle challenges like depression, insomnia, mental illnesses, and many types of cancer. The living standard of people goes high at a low cost.


Sussex Healthcare create a society of people living in harmony assisting one another in the time of need. A community where patient cares for each other creating a healing environment.


Healthcare center at Sussex provides a variety of options to handle various life-challenging conditions. We offer treatment procedures and possesses equipment fit to contribute to the life-changing activities like track hoists, spa pools, and multi-sensory rooms. Sussex Healthcare rates as the top healthcare center with determination to changing the lives of many. Sussex healthcare is an indication of an excellent life experience. Go To This Page to learn more.


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