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Fabletics, Affordable, Fashionable, Athleisure for All Women

If you’ve never heard of the company called “Fabletics,” you probably will in the very near future. The company sells “athleisure,” which is fashionable workout clothing. The company offers a subscription service that saves its members money. Monthly selections are sent to members via mail. These selections are picked based on the customer’s lifestyle, and, their personal style taste.


Kate Hudson has been involved with Fabletics from nearly the beginning. She was chosen by the owners of the company to represent the brand. Hudson proudly does so, and, she wears the fashions herself regularly. She was chosen by the company for her great personality, presence, and, her chance of being successful at the job. Hudson took on the role and, she plays a major part in the decisions made by the company. She took Fabletics to an over 250 million dollar company. She states that “trial and error,” was a major part of their success. She vamped up quality and customer service to increase customer satisfaction and brand worthiness.


Fabletics uses a sales technique called the “reverse showroom.” Several other companies use this as well, the largest company being Apple. With this technique, members are able to browse online, and, if they wish they can pick their favorite items up at a retail location. This method has been incredibly successful, for Fabletics. The company has an over 75 percent conversion rate, based on those who browse online and, in store. Members that are already familiar with the brand can purchase goods, and, they can also handle any customer service issues at the store if they wish. Many people who visit the store as non-members, end up becoming members, before leaving the store. This method helps the company compete with Amazon, which, is the much-dreaded competition when it comes to apparel.


Fabletics offers a lifestyle quiz to help its members find the best match for them. The quiz can be found online at, Another celebrity joining the lineup is Demi Lovato, who’s excited to have launched her own collection for the brand. With quality products, great customer service, and, local product availability, Fabletics is taking athleisure by storm. Check out the newest fashions at You’ll be happy that great workout wear can be versatile, functional, fashionable, and, now even affordable.