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Betsy DeVos Is Reshaping The Education System Through Philanthropy

The story of Betsy DeVos is perhaps the best story to tell to American scholars, when they need to look up to an inspiring figure in the world. DeVos has been gracing headlines following her commitment to charity. She has been playing the role of giving back to the community in many ways. Most importantly, she has been concentrating on providing education reforms for some time. Betsy DeVos speaks for the silent minority of students who have not been lucky to achieve better education through better education platforms. That is what better defines her charity.




Aside from her huge education platform, DeVos has been active in political reforms. A question of how defines how charitable she has been in contributing to political reforms as an individual and as a husband. DeVos has been chairing political reforms since when she was a student. Even then, she succeeded in advocating for better systems. What is more, she was instrumental in making sure that the best was achieved through her systems and decisions to build new, better, policies for the people. That is where it all began from. Betsy DeVos has been working on making sure that her values and ethics are heard by the government. These values better define her as a giver of all supportive systems that can be used to better the lives of the people.


Contribution to education reforms


For Betsy, giving has been a major role in the society. Although her political interests were fed in a way, she made sure that her giving was majorly concentrated on education. That began when she visited her child in school. Joined by her hard working husband, Dick DeVos, the duo realized that schools needed better systems. This explains the onset of their journey as the school reformists. A lot has been achieved since then. Betsy has closely been working with Dick DeVos to ensure that everyone gets lucky in terms of getting an education.


Appointment as education secretary


Betsy’s philanthropy has majorly built education platforms by making sure that there are reforms. Most scholars in America have benefitted directly or indirectly with the majority focusing on how to pass exams. That was her major aim. Seeing that she had succeeded in making better the lives of most scholars, she was appointed the head of education in 2016. This has been a huge step for her and scholars as she can now instigate the reforms better and faster.




Here are some highlights that define her giving docket:


Via Politico, DeVos has spent over $ 10 million in organizations. That was in 2015. She pledged an additional amount of $ 3.2 million. That was dated for the future. Success Academy was lucky to receive $ 150, 000 towards acquiring better education systems.


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