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Victoria Doramus Beats Addiction

Recently moving to LA, after a 45 day stay in Tucson Arizona at a drug rehabilitation facility Victoria Doramus had high hopes of putting her addiction problems behind her. The 26 year marketing and communications expert had no idea this was the beginning of the darkest chapter in her young life so far. Victoria Doramus had not yet realized her addiction was not just a matter of willpower, but a disease and she had a long way to go before she fully understood this important fact of life.

According to IMDB, Victoria Doramus would attempt futilely to move from state to state in an attempt to control her urges. Even going as far as relocating to London England to study marketing in 2012. A short four years later, Victoria Doramus would check herself in for the second time to a drug abuse rehabilitation center this time in Connecticut. Enduring 60 days in the rehab this time, Victoria felt she was ready to move on with her life.

Now living in New York, Victoria Doramus now had two rehab terms under her belt, but still found herself struggling with her demons. At one point Victoria was taking a bottle of amphetamine a day, an addiction that started when she was 15. Despite the obvious signs of being in desperate need of help with her addiction, Victoria was still determined to handle this on her own. Finding herself homeless and had hit rock bottom, Victoria (@victoriadoramus) was arrested in 2016 and found herself alone with no friends or family for support.

Victoria Doramus checked herself into what would be the third rehab center in five years, this time in Dallas Texas at the Burning Tree. The Burning Tree takes an entirely different approach than the two previous rehabs Victoria attended. Today Victoria has successful applied what she learned at the Burning Tree to get her life back on track, and is currently working with others struggling with addiction.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Reminds People to Start Saving for Retirement Early on in Life

Timely investments towards your retirement are essential if you want to make sure that your retirement is free from any financial worries. There are many elderly people out there who now regret that they could have saved more while they were working to enjoy their retirement as they desired. In the last few years, the living expenses have increased dramatically, and it has disrupted the financial planning of many individuals. So, if you are not sure of how to manage your investments and want some experienced help, then you might want to consider hiring HCR Wealth Advisors, a Los Angeles based investment advisory firm. They have experienced advisors who are looking to help their clients invest their money wisely.

HCR Wealth Advisors has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their financial goals in their retirement over the last three decades of its existence. The company has gathered immense experience and reputation in the last few years, and the advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors ensure that they provide custom-tailored financial solutions. For many people who are worried about how to manage their finances to reach their retirement goals, consulting with HCR Wealth Advisors is a good idea. The company provides individualized financial solutions that help clients meet their financial goals without any obstacles. HCR Wealth Advisors has financial advisors with years of experience, and they continue to engage in deep market research to analyze the market situation accurately and provide the clients with the results and service that they are looking for. Learn about their CEO here.

HCR Wealth Advisors has been offering its services to clients from different backgrounds. The company has experience in investment strategies and is always looking for new investment opportunities that would be beneficial to its clients. The advisors there do their research and help their clients plan their entire investment portfolio. According to Glassdoor, they help to ensure that their clients take minimum risks and that would allow them to grow their wealth without worrying about losing their money. They also take the opportunity to educate their clients about their investments so that they know what to expect.

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Who holds Infinity Group Australia Success?

While some companies emerge as a result of an identified idea, business teaches that organizations may also arise through listening to consumer’s feedback and identification of market gaps. With its growth despite its existence in the market for only six years, it is necessary to have a background of its emergence. The presence of Infinity Group Australia in the industry is attributed to Graeme Holms and Rebecca Walker. Graeme Holm is, however, the critical pillar of its foundation. According to his response in various interviews, the emergence and current growth of the company have different yet distinct fact.




In relation to the emergence of Infinity Group Australia, Graeme states that this was influenced by the providence of poor financial deals to their clients which left saw the middle and lower class people left out. He thought of combining it with the unique aspect of private financial tutor because he noticed that people are a tough time managing their finances and reducing their debts. These ideas popped up in 2001 after Graeme realized that the clients were not satisfied with the rates prided on existing financial firms. In order for him to satisfy the market, he had to incorporate Rebecca who is a profession in financial management and tutoring. Concerning the growth, Graeme states that it is not all his doing but the doing of all the staff members. This is because they work as a team and ensure that quality services are provided to consumers irrespective of their social class.




Speculations are that his work experience and achievements could also be responsible for the massive growth of infinity Group Australia. Graeme is a graduate from the Australian Institute of Business. His areas of specialization are mortgage broking, financial planning, property investments, debt consolidation and debt reduction. These are in fact the critical services provided at the Infinity Group Australia. In 2017 Graeme ranked among MPA Top 100 Brokers. His career in the business world did not begin yesterday as he has over 15 years’ experience in this field. Graeme Holm is also a Licensed Real Estate Agent (LREA) in Queensland as well as in New South Wales hence the credibility of Infinity Group.




If you are thinking this is it for Infinity Group Australia, you got to hold your patience because the director amidst that this is just the beginning. More growth and success should be expected from the company in the near future. Learn more:


Victoria Doramus on Drug Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction poses a challenge to many people face on a regular basis. It requires a lot of determination for you to get rid of this problem. If you suffer from such a problem, know that you are not alone. Victoria Doramus, a consumer trends expert and creative marketer, has gone through the same problem and now shares her story with everyone to encourage people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction.

According to, Victoria Doramus went to rehab for the first time when she was 26 years. At this point, her life had already become unmanageable. She was addicted to cocaine and Adderall, which was a lifelong struggle with the drug addiction. Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) had tried to do self-rehab, but it failed miserably and made the situation even worse. As a result of her self-reliance, her addiction problem became serious, and at some point, she even became homeless. There was no one she could turn to for help; she was all alone. It was during this time that she decided to go to yet another rehabilitation center. She had to go through a 12-step program to help her get rid of her addiction. Finally, she acknowledged the fact that she had made bad choices in life.

Her advice to people who are struggling with drug addiction is that change is possible and it starts with you. You may think that you have fallen hard into addiction, but you must be willing to take the first step to improve your behavior. Victoria Doramus also advises that addicts should be transparent with themselves. It is vital that a person becomes honest and acknowledge that they have made poor decisions. By doing so, you will recover and take control of your life. For more information about Victoria’s career history, visit her LinkedIn account.

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Bob Reina productive start of the Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of the Talk Fusion.Since it was opening in 2007, the Talk Fusion has always dedicated to helping a lot of people regarding realizing their dreams and giving back to the communities all over the world. This commitment has in changing people’s lives as Bob is a committed person to the mission of being the founder and CEO.Bob is a person who has a sense of humor; it’s not a joke when he says that for one to be successful, it’s a person to be committed for an extended period of years.

Bob Reina was a disciplined person, and this drove him to focus on his career that has had many ups and downs.While completing his schooling at the University of South Florida, he had been juggling many jobs and eventually he graduated . Bob’s vision was to start the Talk Fusion that brought insight and dedication to the work.Much of his free time was used to support the non-profiting groups actively.

Bob Reina always is woken up very early for years with two words at the forefront of his mind.He wakes up with the word ‘ I will,’ simple but yet powerful words are what drives him every day to build a global business singe handedly and pursue his charity to other people. The disciplines seem like they compete his time and this makes it hard for the other one to come for the fore.

What so many people have learned from Bob that it is a story of one man committed to a better world. The phrase ‘I will’ is a very powerful eye-opening in the English language that when one understands its meaning and put into practice, then one will never waste time to look behind. The words said by Bob at the moment the people sit down to talk succinct, prescient and to the point. The primary thing that drives him is about seeing where he has come from and where he is heading.

Bob never looks back. When he built the team at Talk Fusion, he knew that everyone had their strengths and areas where they need to accept help from other people. For Bob, a team is a congregation that came together to make sure that things get done efficiently. The word is a compelling philosophy that has shaped a global business that majorly allowed people to talk to and see others anywhere in the world.


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The Excellent Skills Of Gregory Aziz At National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz has made the National Steel Car dominated the market in North America in deals of freight car manufacturing and railroads production. The company has become excellent in the field of engineering ever since Gregory J Aziz took over the leadership in the last 15 years. The factor that has put the National Steel Car at the exceptional position in the market is the dedication of the workers and adherence to the standards of the products demanded by the clients. The company is under the obligation of the ISO. Greg Aziz has skills and expertise in diverse fields of management and goal-crafting.


The idea has taken his management to an elevated level. As such, Greg has an observation of various findings and the idea of using employees to determine what can make them produce quality goods within a short time with less energy involved became inevitable. He has also applied his wits prowess to determine what can be done within an organization to increase the rate of production without imposing employees to an environment that can make them retaliate negatively. The combination of two diverse concepts to focus on one career which is management has improved managerial strength by making it a researched form of control for the National Steel Car. Therefore, a combination of two different sets of ideas concerning management helped Greg Aziz in ensuring an automatic change regarding management hence forming perfect management evident in modern days. Visit This Page for additional information.


1According to Gregory James Aziz, improvements in management encircled with combined principles of modern management will make all the objectives of the company flow along the lane of expectation. As such, he has come up with a modern project governance structure encompassed with processing workflow which enabled an individual to manage many systems of operation at National Steel Car. As such, the system aimed at making every worker more productive to ensure the realization of good returns in every sector within an organization. His leadership has managed to renovate management of National Steel Car by inculcating new system aimed at maximizing profit with minimal use of input and resources.


James Aziz in economists from University of Western Ontario. He ventures into the management scene while at the family business called Affiliated Foods. As the manager of the company, he put the goals of the company at priority and enabled the firm to attain sell of its products at the international market. Gregory James Aziz has managed to put the National Steel Car at the apex of the North America market.



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Paul Herdsman’s Secret To Success As An Entrepreneur

NICE Global’s Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer, Paul Herdsman, is a successful entrepreneur. His company is a full-time provider of solutions to businesses in Jamaica. The company’s services are high-end enabling high customer retention, reduced running costs and increased revenues for its clients.


Paul Herdsman and NICE Global focus on employee satisfaction, skills, and professional growth. Paul Herdsman is also a co-founder of Inbound Call Experts LLC that has headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida.


Paul Herdsman’s primary areas of interest are entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.


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As a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Paul Herdsman has shared some of the strategies that have made him a success. Below are some of the major tips he has identified on his successful journey:


Be optimistic. Maintaining a positive attitude is very important in one’s activities. That increase one’s productivity as a problem solver and resilience. Being grateful for every small achievement is one the ways of venting out negativity enhancing a positive attitude.


Risk taking. Failing is inevitable on the journey to success. One must be ready to take a risk to know if an idea would be a success or not. Paul Herdsman claims that entrepreneurs are risk takers. But the risk must be well assessed before venturing into it.


Do what you love. An entrepreneur invests a lot of time and energy in their business. Thus, to be successful, you must do work that you care about. That way, it is easier to see the results. Do what you are passionate about.


Have a vision. You must be clear and concise about the path you want to take as a businessman. You must envision your success now and then to ensure you remain fixated on the goal.


Build the right team. Running a successful business requires a good team. You must surround yourself with people who will build you and support you fully. Your team must be focused on the same goals as that of your business.


Learn from the past. Be sure not repeat previous makes. That ensures continuous growth over time.



Philanthropist and Entrepreneur- Hussain Sajwani

He was taught to do business by his father who had a business. Hussain Sajwani was born in the United Emirates and he helped his father in his shop where sold shirts, perk pens, watches and other goods he imported from China. After his graduation from high school, Hussain was lucky enough to get a scholarship from the government and he was sponsored to study Engineering and Economics at the University of Washington. Hussain s among the first people to receive a government scholarship to the United States.


After his education and graduation Mr. Hussain went back to his home country and there he served at Abu Dhabi Gas Industry. He began his service at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries in 1981 and in 1982 he was out of the organization to establish his own venture. Mr. Sajwani ventured into the hospitality industry and because of his commitment and efforts, he succeeds in the sector with him delivering his services to war camps, 5-star hotels, educational institutions, as well as construction sites. He served more than 150000 meals a day and handled over 20 projects. Hussain later saw another gap which he turned into a business, the property and the real estate sector. In 2002 he got involved in the real estate business, and he is considered as the pioneer of property expansion in Dubai.


He founded DAMAC Properties and the business grew to be among the largest in the Middle East region. His success in the construction industry was also felt in other continents as well as cities and countries including Dubai, London, Jeddah, Beirut, Doha, and Riyadh. The DAMAC Owner is not only good in business and investment, but his knowledge and experience in administration, legal matters, finance, sales, and marketing contributed a lot to his success. In 2013 he made one of the biggest steps in business by joining hands with the President of the United States Donald Trump to construction one of the biggest golf estate in the United States. Sajwani begun business at a young age while still in the University be was selling apartments, and that is how he gained interest and experience in property business.

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Learn More About Gregory Aziz Of National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz currently serves at National Steel Car as the company’s CEO and President. The company has an outstanding presence of 100 years in the automotive industry. The company aims at producing high-quality products that surpass the expectations of clients. The company’s products have great functionality. Gregory James Aziz has played a significant role in ensuring that the company becomes one of the top vehicle manufacturing companies in North America. However, Gregory James Aziz says that the company has excelled due to the impressive teamwork and unmatched innovation.


The innovations by the company’s employees ensure increased diversity of products. The inclusive culture of the company leads to an improved focus on the vision. The vision of National Steel Car is to maintain its position in the vehicle manufacturing industry. Over the years, National Steel Car has remained to be the trendsetter. The company produces highly effective and quality rail products. National Steel Car has developed a reliable and efficient supply network. As a result, customers get the requested products within a short time.


Under the outstanding leadership of Gregory James Aziz, the company managed become ISO certified. It is worth noting that it is the only railcar manufacturing firm to get this type of certification. Some of the values that enabled the company to be certified include maintaining traditions, honoring traditions, and a clear sense of purpose. Other remarkable qualities include the determination to offer quality services and products, innovation capacity, and flexibility. The company is also made up of a dedicated team of 2000 employee. National Steel Car aims at building the trust of employees through improving the current operating system. Doing so will ensure continued growth of the company and expansion of the customer base.


Gregory Aziz also works at National Industries Inc as the company’s CEO and Chairman. Greg is considered a highly enthusiastic individual in the railcar industry. With the extensive experience that Gregory Aziz, the company does not have to look for a better leader. Greg has gained a lot of knowledge throughout the years thus being in a good position to make well-informed decisions. Greg Aziz is an individual who is result driven, focused and ensures that the core values of the company are followed. See This Page for related information.


Greg ensures that the employees of the company uphold the given values. Being result driven enables him to ensure that the goals of the company are achieved within the stipulated time. What makes Aziz a great leader is that he is client-oriented thus ensuring customer satisfaction.



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Gregory James Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, in Ontario, London. He went to Ridley College and Ontario Western University where he specialized in economics. He joined the wholesale food business of his family in 1971. The family company grew and became the world’s best fresh foods from Central and South America and Europe for distributing to wholesale market for fresh food around the Eastern Canada and the US for more than 16 years.


In the1980s to early 1990s Gregory J Aziz worked hard in various opportunities in banking investments in New York. He was able to save capital, and in 1994 at Dofasco, and ended up purchasing National Steel Car under his watch. His primary goal was to convert the sizeable Canadian company into top railroad freight car producer in North America. With all attention and hard work through human and investment of capital, the company was able to increase its production per year at the time of buying from 3500 to 12,000 at 1999. Also, employment of people increased from about 600 to 3,000 as well.


Their hard work and persistent perfection of engineering and manufacturing have made the company lead in car invention and building many railroad freight car annually. The National Steel Car is the only North Americas freight car, engineering and producing company confirmed ISO 9001:2008 which has held privilege for a massive round of renewing certification for 18 years. The company has continuously been given the TTX SECO award which is high quality from 1996 over ten years.


Due to massive support and faith from their customers, good relationships with their suppliers and the exceptional commitment and integrity of more than 2,000 team members, National Steel Car will continue to build the quality railcars. National Steel Car is involved in Hamilton community; it has subsidized Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera and other substantial local non-profit making organizations. Yearly, there is a significant number of workers who attend Christmas Party of National Steel Car and enjoy the car food drive.


Greg Aziz has been the chairman and CEO of National Steel Car since 1994 up to now. National Steel Car is the global leading railroad freight car engineering and company manufacturer situated in Ontario, Hamilton. He and his wife Irene funds the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the most fabulous notable agricultural fair in Canada. The partnership of Horizon Utilities with National Steel Car is believed to secure over 2 million per year in kWH.


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