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Robert Deignan Tech Expert and Entrepreneur

Robert Deignan is the most respected American entrepreneur. His business skills are outstanding and remarkable. Robert Deignan insightful ideas and vast experience led to the establishment of ATS Digital Services. He is determined and self-driven towards his work. His undisputable leadership skills enabled him to be appointed in the management of the company organization.

Robert Deignan is gifted with exemplary communication skills, and he relates to others his employees in a friendly manner. He is goal-oriented and ambitious; once he aims to achieve a goal nothing can divert his attention.

Robert Deignan Professional Growth and Accomplishment

Robert Deignan is creative and innovative; he was among the cofounder of Fanlink Inc. In the early 2000s, iS3 Company hired him as the executive vice president. The gained extensive experience that spearheaded him to start ATS Digital Services. He is passionate about technology and always determined to find solutions to life answer. He is knowledgeable about online marketing.

Robert Deignan graduate with a degree in Business Management from Purdue University. Shortly after graduation, his entrepreneurship journeys took off. He lives a balance life. He likes fishing when he is free.

Robert Deignan Insightful Tips to all Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The e-commerce business expert believes that following once intuition is the first step towards achieving greatness. He noted entrepreneurs need to be a risk taker, disciplined and self-motivated. Thorough research before invest in a new business helps to understand the market clearly and in making firm decisions.

He asserted that aspiring business people need a compelling power to analyze the market trend. He offers a powerful piece of advice to employers. They should nature a culture of treating the employees with respect. Successful employers have full confidence with their employees. Hiring experienced, and skilled employees help in achieving the objectives and goals of the company very fast.

He also noted working with a close relative may thwart the progress of the business. They may fail to adhere to the organization rules. It is very risky. When an entrepreneur makes a tough decision, relatives and friends may have clouded judgment towards your ideas and may negatively insight others employees.

People in business need to create time away from work. During free time one can contemplate and reflect the progress of the company.

How Jeunesse Global Helps Reverse Signs of Aging with Instantly Ageless

There are a number of companies that market ways to help people turn back the hands of time. However, one company is going a step further by developing innovative products that show results in minutes. That company, Jeunesse Global, is helping women quickly look years young with their Instantly Ageless micro cream.


Results In Minutes

As everyone gets older, the body shows signs of aging. And those signs of aging are no more apparent than lines on the face and bags under the eyes. Sadly, we live in a world where people are judged first on their appearance. Jeunesse Global has created an innovative product that helps women reverse the physical signs of aging with Instantly Ageless Cream. A cream that shows results in minutes.


How Does Instantly Ageless Work?

Instantly Ageless is a micro cream developed by Jeunesse Global to help remove lines on the face and bags under the eyes in minutes. The cream is applied to the desired area. Within two minutes, the cream will begin to show visible results. This results can last from several hours to an entire day. One package of Instantly Ageless can provide up to a month’s supply of age-defying cream.


Part of the Youth Enhancement System

Instantly Ageless is just one of a dozen products available under Jeunesse Global’s Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.). These products include everything from hair revitalizing formula RVL to the popular weight management system ZEN Bodi. These products are designed to help people look, feel and think younger.


About Jeunesse Global

For over a decade, Jeunesse Global has sold products can help people live a better life through a line of innovative health and beauty products. Some of the products offered by Jeunesse Global include AM & PM Daily Supplements, NV make-up line, M1ND mental energy liquid supplement, Naara Collagen enhancement drink supplement, and NEVO energy drinks.


Jeunesse Global sells its products through an international network of independent distributors. These distributors serve millions of customers in every part of the world. As the company continues to expand, Jeunesse Global will seek to find new ways to enhance the life of their customers.,19.htm

Louis Chenevert guidelines in assisting firms invest in employees

There are several methods in which companies can invest in their workers to produce a greater output. Louis Chenevert suggests that investing in workers is the appropriate way to get better returns. When you recruit someone outside, it will take time and training for him to adapt to the firm’s operations. Instead of doing this, you may elevate workers from the firm to serve that role. This will encourage others to work hard and compete for promotion. Another important way is by ensuring the job environment is comfortable for the workers. You can build more facilities for the employees to utilize while in their line of duty. Setting an entertaining game within the company would be a suitable fun activity.

Louis Chenevert insists on recognizing the most hardworking workers in the firm. This is because they contribute their best efforts to assist the company. Recognizing and rewarding them would make them feel appreciated and inspired to do more. Awards may be given in terms of an extra hour during the break or adding a day to their day off. The most efficient method to invest in your employees is through offering them scholar programs. You may assist them to pay some amount. By helping your employees in acquiring more knowledge and skills, they will utilize their knowledge in your firm. When Louis Chenevert was in charge of UTC, he applied this initiative. The workers obtained more than 39000 degrees and the cost of stock yielded.

Working together as a team is a fundamental growth, especially outside the firm. Louis Chenevert outlines that it allows them to concentrate on the goal to be achieved rather than their job issues. This makes them put away their personal conflicts and work together. The best way to go about this is by volunteering to the charitable institutions which require assistance. By investing in your employees, you are in a better position to save on cost and time. Through rewarding their efforts, elevating their skills and promoting them will make them enjoy their work. The benefactor that will gain will be you since your production and return will increase significantly. Looks To Encourage Sustainability In The Retail Industry


Over the last several years, ecommerce has evolved into the most common way retailers conduct business. Today, retailers use the internet in order to sell their products. This has provided efficiency for them as well as convenience for customers. While ecommerce ahs benefited both retailers and customers, there are still aspects that can be improved. With the sale of many products, a lot of waste is often left. As a result, the environment can experience problems. The Chinese retailer have looked to resolve this issue by making an effort to improve sustainability. will look to establish a protocol in an effort to help make the environment better.

During the past twenty five years, package waste has increased and has become a potential problem for the environment. One of the ways in which and Jingdong will be looking to help the environment is to recycle materials. With recycling, retailers and customers will be able to dispose of materials that can be reused. As a result, there will be less pollution along with allowing retailers to sustain resources that are used to make and package the products they sell.

In an effort to contribute to sustainability, and Jingdong has formed the JD Foundation. This is an organization that will participate in devising strategies to sustain resources on a regular basis. It will help a number of ecommerce companies look for ways to make a difference for the environment. The organization will look to help sustain the environment by reducing waste, promoting sustainability and also getting customers involved. All of these methods will help both companies and customers recycle materials and preserve the environment. Visit: and Jingdong will help reduce waste by encouraging customers to return package materials back to the company. This will ensure that retailers will have the ability to reused materials and repackage the products they sell. In terms of promoting sustainability, the company will look to use alternative energy resources for delivery vehicles. This will help consume fossil fuels as well as limit their use in order to preserve the environment. Lastly, will also get customers involved by encouraging them to donate toys and other products as well as listen to various campaigns that promote conserving resources on a regular basis.


See also: Launching Blockchain Technology To Save China inaugurated its business with immense innovative ideas and started two new shops in Beijing. is one of the finest and biggest platform of e-commerce in China whose worth is around $58 billion. has been promoting the idea of electronic sales along with quality and customer satisfaction. The company believed in growth and expansion and became one of the most massive Boundaryless Retail strategy of China allowing its customers to purchase whenever they want.


Recently the company has launched the latest technology-based blockchain “JD Medicine Open Tracing Solution” to offer more clarity to Chinese pharmaceutical supply chains. The has launched this new blockchain technology after there was an increase in the standard issues in pharmaceutical products in China. This was to provide safety to the customers especially when it’s about vaccinations which were found to be expired and were not up to the safety standards. The Chinese population is highly concerned about their safety against harms caused by harmful medication that they have been consuming and facing health issues.


Taking all the issues under consideration is collaborating with industry accomplices including medicinal programming suppliers, industry affiliations, and intelligent equipment makers to build up a whole IoT biological system of gadgets to promote restorative discernibility, raising guidelines and expanding business transparency. The solution that the company has come up with will offer all pharmaceutical industries the necessary clarity and responsibility including everyone in the process the customer, government & people in the business.


The JD Blockchain Open Platform was launched by the company to offer blockchain competencies to many industries in China. JD has a solid reputation in inventory network straightforwardness and is focused on utilizing our innovation abilities to empower the exact accumulation of honest and dependable data about how medicines are sourced.


Some portion of its Retail as a Service (RaaS) activity, is utilizing its abilities in a production network, innovation, coordination, and different zones to enable its accomplices. China Pacific Insurance Company (CPIC), the primary organization to utilize the stage, used it to convey a discernible framework for e-solicitations, or “fapiao,” the official receipts required in China for business. Read This Article for related information.


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Waiakea Water: A Bottled Water Brand Making A Difference

Waiakea Water is swiftly made a splash in the global bottled water market thanks to its refreshing flavor and unique packaging. As of today, Waiakea is the only bottled water on the market made entirely from pristine Hawaiian volcanic water.

Waiakea Waters’ founder Ryan Emmons says he got the idea to bottle Hawaiian volcanic water after he took a trip to the Aloha State in 2011. At the time, Emmons was living with his uncle and was impressed by the taste of the natural water from a nearby well.

After he graduated from the University of Southern California, Emmons returned to Hawaii with the goal of creating a sustainable company that could share this delicious water with the world. He immediately bought a lease to bottle the waters from the Mauna Loa volcano and developed his iconic Waiakea Water brand.

In addition to giving Waiakea Water a unique taste, the pristine volcanic water has an impressive array of vitamins and essential minerals. Just a few of the many volcanic water benefits include high concentrations of bio-available magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Also, Waiakea Water pH level hovers between 7.6 and 8.2, making it extremely alkaline.

Emmons has worked hard to make his company as eco-friendly as possible. For instance, all of Waiakea Water’s bottles are made with a special substance known as TimePlast. This unique additive greatly enhances the bio-degradability of Waiakea Water bottles. Standard bottled waters take over 1,500 years to fully dissolve, but TimePlast helps Waiakea Water bottles disintegrate within only 15 years.

Yet another way Emmons is using Waiakea Water to make a positive impact in the world is by working with the non-profit group Pump Aid. Every time Waiakea sell one liter of product they send one week’s worth of pure water to some of the world’s poorest regions.

Recently, the Specialty Food Association recognized Emmons’ efforts with the Citizenship Leadership Award. Waiakea Water has received praise from big-name publications like Beverage World Magazine and Inc.

Vibrant Lime Crime Cosmetic Colors Soar

The exhilarating Lime Crime brand has given birth to the popular matte formula. Their founder, Doe Deere also known as an advocate for animals rights has created her products as a completely vegan formula. Her goal has always been helping her users bring out their natural beauty with unicorn colors. LC cosmetics provides a smooth application with a buttery feel. She made it possible for her users to find many hard to find colors that will incite your cosplay creativity. Enjoy a competitive line of eye-shadow and lipstick products that reaches out to bold new millennials.

Popular LC Cosmetics Making Business News

The LC cosmetic blend has captured the attention of the Tenegram group by selling millions of products as a branded network. Doe Deere has expanded her cosmetics to other brands and creative products. The Scandal line is a rich lipstick that’s monikered under the Lime Crime brand. Customers can choose a glorious purple-blue hue that’s fit for a queen. Her new products are still hypoallergenic and excludes texture and tone ingredients to promote your natural beauty. Moreover, the new Unicorn hair dye collection will allow their users to enjoy marvelous colors for all hair types.

Matte under the LC name was being sold on the black market in China. Unfortunately, many people were putting their skin at risk for a chance to use the super-foil formula. Doe Deere quickly came up with an e-commerce market as a solution to blackmarket cosmetics with the help of her Global Marketing manager. Today, the e-commerce market has created a successful new market that has attracted thousands of new customeres. The Tenegram group was also glad to know the Lime Crime brand was viable enough to create international growth and quickly became a partner in a bid for the cosmetic giants.

You’re invited to enjoy their popular colors like their Apricot Nude collection that’s among their fall favorites. Their rare Venus III collection is extradionary colors housed in a trendy three palette cosmetic case. Customers enjoy sharing there color ideas on the exclusive LC makeup YouTube channel. Enjoy creative colors that dare girls and guys to be bold.

Tech Expert Robert Deignan Shares Advice about What the Future of Automation Holds for Workers

Robert Deignan is a business owner and entrepreneur. He is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services, a company that deals with network connectivity, end devices, intermediate devices and software. Before founding the company in 2011, he was the Executive Vice President of iS3, Inc. He worked at Boynton Beach-located Company for 9 years. He is also co-founded Fanlink. The renowned tech expert went to St. Thomas Aquinas High School before proceeding to Purdue University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree.

Technology has advanced so much that people have started to worry about its impact on the workforce. According to Robert Deignan, work automation won’t necessarily push you out of your job if you make yourself indispensable. Experts such as Robert Deignan can predict what will happen in the future, but they can’t be certain about it. It will take over 120 years for machines to have the capability to do 50% of what human beings can do.

That said, a study conducted in the Oxford University showed that jobs won’t be affected as much by work automation. Understanding what goes into jobs such as healthcare social workers, audiologists and recreational experts will help you prepare for the automation dominated future. According to experts, the workforce revolution would perhaps help people focus on what they can do best.

A report from McKinsey suggests ways to prepare for revolutionized work force in the future. The study does not refute that automation will make people lose jobs. It says that many people handle tasks which can be partially automated. Therefore, it will be helpful if you focused on the part of your job that is not likely to be automated.

It narrows down to the way you perceive automation and technological revolution. You could use technology to your advantage. Robert Deigan relied on technology to set up a tech business to help people solve technical problems.

It is easy to panic about losing jobs to automation. It is very important to perceive it as any other change that you will have to adapt to. The automation could come with a fundamental change of how we think about our careers.

Greg Aziz Shows His Might In Managing The Operations Of A Business


The National Steel Car is a manufacturer of railroad freight cars in North America. This company is one of the oldest in the field of engineering and manufacturing. Currently, the company is under the leadership of CEO Gregory James Aziz, one of the people who has done an incredible job of getting it back to the top. After serving the people for nearly a century, the company was on the brink of going down, but this never happened after the intervention by Greg Aziz. He bought National Steel Car and put in place measures that would revamp its production capacity.


The National Steel Car is one of the companies that have been in this industry for a very long time. However, it has maintained its reputation as a producer of high-quality products. The fact that they are associated with superior products has seen them overtake all other engineering companies in North America. Currently, they are ranked at number one in the engineering industry in North America. This is the only engineering company from this region that is certified by the ISO. They have also received the TTX SECO Award for over a decade in a row, an indication that they have the highest-quality products. Refer to This Article to learn more.


The National Steel Car under the management of Gregory Aziz is improving its services delivery to the people by investing in infrastructure that will boost growth in the company. When Gregory J Aziz was taking over the management of the company, it looked like it would collapse but he applied the necessary measures that saw the company jump back up. The National Steel Car has made some tremendous achievements so far following the recovery measures that were taken by the CEO. Among the changes, he implemented included the renovation of the production system to allow for higher production capacity.


1Gregory J Aziz has shown his might in the management of businesses through the success of the National Steel Car. He has proven that he can manage a struggling business and make it successful. Before Aziz bought the National Steel Car, he was working in the investment banking sector. After completing his university education at the Western Ontario University, he helped his family to develop a food company. He left the company after he made it the best in North America. Gregory J. Aziz loved doing business from a young age, and that is why he even pursued a business course in the university.



Visit his page on


Unroll Me Provides A Valuable Service To Clients


Unroll Me offers a valuable service to their clients. They know people don’t always want to subscribe to things but that they also might accidentally do it when they’re signing up for a company or another service. It’s important to Unroll Me to give clients a chance at removing their email addresses from these lists. It’s also important for the company to do this in a way that creates privacy for all their clients.


No matter what issues they run into or what they do with these things, they know they can make things better for their clients. They also know the people they work with will have a better chance at making things easier on themselves. No matter what they do or how they respond to different opportunities, the company knows what it means to give this to their clients.


Based on the options Unroll Me create for other people and the things they do for them, they know what it’s like to deal with unwanted subscriptions. They also know there are different ways they can make the most out of everything they offer. For the company to do this, they have to be sure they know how to focus on what people need and how they can do it the right way. Unsubscribing isn’t always easy and that can create a different environment for everyone who needs help. It can also make things better so clients don’t have to worry about what they’re doing when they’re dealing with the options they have. Read This Article for related information.


It makes sense for people who want to unsubscribe to services. Since they know they can make things easier for themselves and that’s an important part of the industry. It’s also important for the company to have an understanding of what they want their clients to do. They believe they can do things right no matter what issues they run into or how hard they have to work to make things better for each of their clients. The people they help get positive options because of how hard they work and because of the way the company focuses on giving their clients more options.


In an article on, Sarah Perez writes about the advantages that a service such as Unroll Me can offer the digital mail world. The company shows you how to successfully opt out of certain subscriptions via the online dashboard. Their online tools also allow the user to group and categorize certain subscriptions together. For example, social media updates could be one section while coupons and news email blasts can have their own folder as well.