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Mining For Success With Alec Sellem


Alec Sellem serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Sellem Industries. He created the company that is based in London, England to help companies carry out strategic visions with business-minded people. The company works intimately with trade operation partners located throughout Africa as well as South America.


Alec Sellem always had the entrepreneur spirit in him. What began as a sell and trade gold operation for a friend, grew into a knowledge-thirst for gold practices and common procedures. After educating himself on the industry, it was evident that there were numerous on goings that did not produce efficient results in the field. His approach was to streamline and modernize the collective mining and refining operations in Africa.


This philosophy of maximizing finances and lowering expenses has helped the mining process tremendously. Since visiting Africa first as a boarding school student, Alec Sellem immediately felt a connection with the continent. It was during this trip that he knew he’d come back to work and make a difference. One thing that he enjoys about Africa is that when you are establishing something, it must be built from almost nothing.


This practice warrants lessons that one may not learn in a place such as Europe. Infrastructure has to be built from ground zero and this is very humbling, he states. Alec mentions that his company’s conceptual planning and goal setting separates them from others in the mining industry. By keeping the big picture in mind at all times, progress is always being made on some level. Visit This Page to learn more about Alec Sellem.


The foundation is also branching into education and is in the process of developing a school. The school will give an opportunity for youth to study an education curriculum when they previously were not able to do so. Alec states that his work demands constant attention and productivity is always a main objective. There is always an objective ahead, so there is always something to be done.


In an article with Geeks News entitled, “Artisanal And Small-Scale Mining With Alec Sellem”; Sellem discussed rtisanal and small-scale mining differs from large scale mining primarily with lower levels of investment and less use of mechanization and its overall effectiveness and possible solutions to protect human rights.


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Steve Lesnard, Two Principles for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has numerous benefits for a business if it is leveraged properly. Digital marketing is the most form of marketing used by brands nowadays because it reaches the target audience easily and quickly. Digital marketing also provides a platform for user engagement and interaction which other forms of marketing do not have. Steve Lesnard convinces brands to use digital mediums for advertising their products, but use it properly. According to Steve Lesnard, it can be effective for new product introduction to the market. Brands that use digital marketing properly are those that focus their strategies on the consumer instead of the product.

Steve Lesnard recommends the use of two main principles to use digital marketing for brand growth and development. If the focus is put on these two principles, a product’s adverting on digital mediums will be successful. They include:

  1. Keeping it simple

When introducing a new product in the market, it is essential to get the storyline right. A simple storyline is the most effective and memorable to consumers. While the story is simple, it should also communicate the benefits of the product and the value it adds to the consumer. Consumers also need to understand the story of the product. If consumers cannot understand the product, they will not remember it as well. Therefore, always keep it simple and straight to the point.

  1. Make it real

All consumers want real-life experiences when it comes to suing a product. They buy products they relate to, and that applies to their daily lives. Thus, when advertising a product ensures that it communicates to consumers how it can be used and applied. This should be done visually because it brings the product to life. The use of videos for advertising helps bring a product to life because it shows the use of the product first hand. A video is also an opportunity of showing the consumers the best features of the product and its value. Yeti, which sells coolers ahs managed to use this principle by showing adverts of individuals using their coolers. Consumers can see how the coolers can warm and cool water in a matter of seconds.

Carsten Thiel’s Unmatched Career In Biochemistry


Carsten Thiel is a Berlin-born biochemistry guru. Thiel is an expert who spent his early days in Germany and started his journey of studying chemistry. After making a debut of the training at Malbrook, Thiel decided to travel to the United Kingdom to hone his chemistry skills. The Bristol University located in the Southwest part of the country became his destination. Thiel added a Bachelor of Science in organic chemistry from the institution to his portfolio.


However, Carsten Thiel chose biochemistry as the career of choice. Max Planck Institute became his home for the Biophysical Chemistry studies. Carsten Thiel specialized in the study of proteins and their influence on how healthy cells become cancerous. Carsten completed his studies and graduated with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology.


As the Global Biotech Executive, the pharmaceutical expert believes in working in a scheduled manner. Besides having time with his family, Carsten updates himself with the news and the mails at hand. The next important task that he keeps in consideration is meeting with the company’s board for brief meetings.


According to Carsten, such meetings strengthen the bond between him and the rest of the board members. It’s one of the pillars of his success in the industry. The next important issue is communication with customers, investors, and other stakeholders. He admits that about 10% of his daily routine involves keeping in touch with the customers and doctors as well as other players in his company. Get Related Information Here.


Carsten Thiel finds time for his support staff in the day to ensure all is well. He is quick to mention these tasks are essential in every business or company. Many people overrule teamwork and end up failing miserably. Carsten attributes his success in biochemistry to early exposure from his family of medical.


An article with Medical Daily Times entitled “Carsten Thiel: Impactful Medicine”, talks about Thiel’s leadership, expertise, professional experience and contribution to the world of Biotechnology.


Carsten Thiel made a debut of his career at Hoffman La-Roche as the Products and communications manager. He also worked with Insadong Eastern Europe in the General Manager’s capacity before joining Abeona Therapeutics as the Chief Executive Officer. The Biopharmaceutical has served in many high profile companies that gave him the experience he needed to fit in the market.


Carsten Thiel: Wisdom From An Executive Who Cares

In order to be successful, Carsten Thiel has a routine he follows. Carsten believes that work/life balance is crucial and connecting with his family in the morning is a priority. Then he checks email and news and prioritizes the rest of his day. He spends approximately 1/4 of his day with the board and investors. Last but not least, he makes sure he spends time daily with employees communicating and listening.

In regards to his professional life, Thiel began his career in pharmaceuticals by working for Hoffman Ia-Roche as a Communications and Production manager. He quickly moved up in the company to work in the area of market assessment and scientific marketing.



After the due diligence is done, it is important to trust your instincts in business. Thiel had an innovative business project idea that others involved didn’t agree with but in the end, it proved to be the right decision thus highlighting the relevancy of trusting one’s instincts. In addition, it is crucial to keep the lines of communication open with everyone involved in a project. Thiel believes working in conjunction with his staff and guiding them to succeed. Specifically, he believes the human touch is a must in business matters. Refer to This Article for more information.






Thiel believes that serious, unmet medical needs could be met by an innovative biotech organization.




Thiel believes that education is key and supports it with his money, for example donating to a Kenyan school.




Thiel prefers to use LinkedIn as he believes it is well-organized.




Thiel recommends “Outliers” by Gladwell for its insight into communication, education, and leadership.

Carsten Thiel is a biotech executive specializing in areas such as business growth and managing profit and loss. He is a board member of several organizations and holds a PhD. in molecular biology and a degree in biochemistry.


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Business Executive Paul Herdsman Shares How Fishing And Golf Make Him A Better Businessman


Paul Herdsman is a co-founder of NICE Global. NICE Global provides outsourcing services to other businesses in the United States. His company located its office in Jamaica since it is near to the United States and its easy to find employees who speak fluent English.

Working as the chief operating officer, Herdsman is skilled at customer service, customer retention, and developing efficient operations.

When he isn’t working, Paul enjoys spending time with his family. He is also a weekend golfer and a fishing enthusiast. He says that these are by far his two favorite hobbies. Paul Herdsman acknowledges that it is vital to have interests outside of work. He says these two hobbies keep him humble and have helped his career and NICE Global by making him a more well-rounded individual.

He was in 1st grade when he developed an interest in fishing. He’s not entirely sure why he asked for a fishing pole for Christmas as nobody in his family fishes. He thinks that he either read a book about fishing or saw something on TV. Whatever it was, though, he found it really intriguing. When he finally was taken fishing he knew that it would be a lifelong hobby. Read This Article to learn more.

Paul Herdsman didn’t get interested in golf until his college days. He has a twin brother and they were both so busy with other sports in high school that they didn’t have any time to go golfing. Once he found the time for it, though, he found out that he loved it. This is partially due to its difficulty.

Paul Herdsman says that he finds the time to golf once a week and go fishing once a week. Both of these activities help him get work out of his head and relax.


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The Indispensable Biochemist Carsten Thiel


Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin and went through school in Country and later on went on to study chemistry in Malbrook. He left Berlin and went to the University of Briston which is based in the Southwest side of the United Kingdom; graduated with a Science degree in Organic Chemistry. He then joined Max Planck Institute and graduated with a PhD in Molecular Biology.


An article from IdeaMensch entitled: “Carsten Thiel: Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Expert”, Thiel shared how he started his foray into the innovative realm of pharmaceuticals and further expressed his views about the “Golden Age of Biotechnology”.


With his immense interest and vast knowledge in the field of Biochemistry, Carsten Thiel has made himself a successful businessman in the field of pharmaceuticals. Thiel enhanced his innovative skills and made a name for himself when he was working for Hoffman La-Roche, a biotechnology firm and was able to advance his position and status in the company.


Carsten Thiel’s expertise and brilliance in the pharmaceutical realm made him become an international leader within a very short span of time. He had a platform where he could launch his innovations. After sometimes with successful researches, Carsten was able to launch Xenical; a product that would boost weight loss. Even though he did not have too much experience in the marketing field at that time, Carsten was able to employ various techniques like he was able to create his own network of prescribers of this product and protect the product’s reputation.


With the incumbent risks that were to follow after the launching of Xenical, Carsten resulted to only involving the stakeholders hence was able to maintain a positive reputation of the product. Through this experience, Carsten Thiel was able to diligently launch other products into the market successfully marketing them to the consumers of the products.


Carsten Thiel has an overwhelming dedication to what he does and this has made so many people especially consumers of pharmaceutical products he produce and the patients that he attends to have undeniable trust in him.


Paul Herdsman On The Inspiration Behind Nice Global

When Paul Herdsman helped to cofound Nice Global, he had been looking for an opportunity to own his company. He had worked with several leading organization and so, he had garnered enough experience to venture on his own. In addition to that, he had identified an opportunity that promised to be the trend of the future.

At that time, outsourcing was not a common practice among organizations, but he could see that it was fast becoming popular and after a few years, it will be the in-thing. Paul could not have made a better assessment because today, most companies have embraced this trend, and his company is doing fine.

The urge to work for global clients

Paul Herdsman says that with outsourcing, he knew that his work would not be confined to local clients alone. The internet has brought the whole world together, and therefore it is easy for people to connect even when they are thousands of miles apart. People can work on the same projects regardless of where they are, and so, this arrangement was the perfect thing for Paul. Get More Information Here.

He thought of the possibility of not talking to international clients and helping them solve their problems. When NICE Global was launched, it quickly grew into the kind of outfit that he had envisaged, and so, he is one of the happiest entrepreneurs.

When asked about more inspirations, Paul Herdsman said that he also wanted to work with a team of flexible professionals. With outsourcing, you do not have to deal with the rigid working schedule that is associated with other jobs. Most of the ties, you will be working with people that you have never met. It is because of this desire that he assembled a workforce that he can connect to the same way he relates to his family. He gives them support and ensures that they are motivated to be even more productive.


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Branding And Marketing With Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard grew up in Corsica and Paris where he was raised together with his other two siblings. Since his childhood, he developed an interest in sports and participated in various sports. He developed positive values having being brought up by his hardworking parents. Steve Lesnard later was admitted at a school in France where he pursued entrepreneurship. While at school he was actively involved in sporting activities where he became the president and the leader of the sporting clubs. He was involved in planning several sporting activities back in the school. He later joined Babson college in the United States to further on his education.

Upon completion of his study, he was first employed as the marketing director in one of the fashion brand in Wolford, New York City. In his position, Steve Lesnard made decisive decisions that oversaw the growth of the companies brand across North America. A year later, he moved and joined a sporting industry following his passion. Steve Lesnard was given the responsibility to sign athletes for Winter Olympics, product creation and line planning. At the sports industry, he majored in sports product development where it made a turn in his career life.

Steve Lesnard experience in the sporting industry made him build his reputation where since then he has worked in several places in the marketing of their products. Steve Lesnard gained a remarkable experience when he first turned a physical product into a product that met the consumer’s requirement. Since then, Steve Lensnard has worked in marketing and branding for various organizations. He has worked with the Olympics teams and organized various events including the women’s categories.

Steve Lesnard believes data analysis to predict the customers need is the driving force behind the marketing. With the rising need of the customer’s specifics, he believes understanding and meeting the consumer’s specific needs is the secret behind the marketing of the sporting brands. He believes that big data and artificial intelligence can bring marketing to a new level since predicting the patterns can be automated. Lesnard believes that the consumers are the ones in charge of how the brands are supposed to be and it’s up to the companies to work to meet the consumer’s requirements. View More Information Here.

Having worked in the sports industry for long, Steve Lesnard has gained skills on how to view the brand in terms of user’s perspective. He believes that marketing has a new future with new technology.


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Nicolas Krafft Recognizes The 2nd Annual L’Oreal Paris Show


L’Oreal Paris reached the world with its second annual fashion and beauty show on September 30th, 2018. Through aerial film taken by drones, the L’Oreal fashion and beauty show was broadcast all around the world. The show was populated by the world’s most popular models who strolled along a floating catwalk as it sat prominently on the River Seine in the heart of Paris as noted by the Vice President of Global Business Development, Nicholas Krafft.

The event was attended by the fashion elite, famed beauty icons and many stars of the big screen. In addition to the usual attendees, Nicolas Krafft noted that many onlookers had a great view of the show from the banks of the river. Spotlighting creativity and diversity, L’Oreal Paris featured models from the new mom and film professional, Eva Longoria Baston; the actress, Elle Fanning; and French actress Louise Bourgoin among other more frequently seen models.

Not only was great fashion exhibited, but also great hair and makeup. L’Oreal Paris’s global makeup artist, Val Garland and Global hair artist, Stephane Lancien created and presented over 70 new hair styles and makeup looks. The fashion houses represented included Miu Miu, Isabel Marant, Sonia Rykiel, Balmain and nine other designers. The jewelry was from Chopard, who partnered with the other 13 designers, all of them showcasing their latest designs. L’Oreal Paris’ chosen design houses are recognized and appreciated by Nicolas Krafft Loreal.

After a setup and take down period of over eight days, the L’Oreal Paris show was while complicated, well worth the effort as over 30 countries were privy to viewing the astonishing show as it floated along the River Seine in Paris. It was attended by many uniquely established individuals as well. The Paralympics ski champion, Marie Bochet and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from Game of Thrones were in attendance as guests. Read This Article for more information.

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Paul Herdsman Considers Future Expansion Of NICE Global


Paul Herdsman is known for the excellent customer service that his company NICE Global provides to its clients. The company operates out of Jamaica but serves clients from across the globe who want to outsource their customer service in order to focus on other aspects of their business.


While many companies are still hesitant to allow people outside of their team handle their customers, Paul Herdsman is proving that outsourcing can be a positive experience for everyone that is just as good or better as the service provided from within a company.


The customer will always be important, but Paul Herdsman knows that his team is the most valuable thing that NICE Global has. This is why he ensures that each member receives the training that they need to perform at their best while maintaining a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in their position. Refer to This Article for more information.


Before they begin their job, Paul Herdsman makes sure that they are trained in every aspect so they are completely comfortable and not afraid to make the important decisions that are part of their position. This provides a better experience for both the customer and the staff which helps to ensure their clients that they made the right decision.


NICE Global is thriving which has many people asking what Paul Herdsman’s next step will be as their COO. There are currently talks about either expanding their current facilities in Montego Bay or opening up a new office in another location in the country such as Kingston.


In addition, Paul Herdsman is not ruling out expanding to a new country as well such as one in which Spanish is frequently spoken. There are a lot of different options for NICE Global and Paul Herdsman wants to make sure that everything is researched to ensure that their clients will continue to get the service that they expect.


In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman discussed these effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike, that they can use to be successful like himself.


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