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Carsten Thiel: Wisdom From An Executive Who Cares

In order to be successful, Carsten Thiel has a routine he follows. Carsten believes that work/life balance is crucial and connecting with his family in the morning is a priority. Then he checks email and news and prioritizes the rest of his day. He spends approximately 1/4 of his day with the board and investors. Last but not least, he makes sure he spends time daily with employees communicating and listening.

In regards to his professional life, Thiel began his career in pharmaceuticals by working for Hoffman Ia-Roche as a Communications and Production manager. He quickly moved up in the company to work in the area of market assessment and scientific marketing.



After the due diligence is done, it is important to trust your instincts in business. Thiel had an innovative business project idea that others involved didn’t agree with but in the end, it proved to be the right decision thus highlighting the relevancy of trusting one’s instincts. In addition, it is crucial to keep the lines of communication open with everyone involved in a project. Thiel believes working in conjunction with his staff and guiding them to succeed. Specifically, he believes the human touch is a must in business matters. Refer to This Article for more information.






Thiel believes that serious, unmet medical needs could be met by an innovative biotech organization.




Thiel believes that education is key and supports it with his money, for example donating to a Kenyan school.




Thiel prefers to use LinkedIn as he believes it is well-organized.




Thiel recommends “Outliers” by Gladwell for its insight into communication, education, and leadership.

Carsten Thiel is a biotech executive specializing in areas such as business growth and managing profit and loss. He is a board member of several organizations and holds a PhD. in molecular biology and a degree in biochemistry.


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