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Business Executive Paul Herdsman Shares How Fishing And Golf Make Him A Better Businessman


Paul Herdsman is a co-founder of NICE Global. NICE Global provides outsourcing services to other businesses in the United States. His company located its office in Jamaica since it is near to the United States and its easy to find employees who speak fluent English.

Working as the chief operating officer, Herdsman is skilled at customer service, customer retention, and developing efficient operations.

When he isn’t working, Paul enjoys spending time with his family. He is also a weekend golfer and a fishing enthusiast. He says that these are by far his two favorite hobbies. Paul Herdsman acknowledges that it is vital to have interests outside of work. He says these two hobbies keep him humble and have helped his career and NICE Global by making him a more well-rounded individual.

He was in 1st grade when he developed an interest in fishing. He’s not entirely sure why he asked for a fishing pole for Christmas as nobody in his family fishes. He thinks that he either read a book about fishing or saw something on TV. Whatever it was, though, he found it really intriguing. When he finally was taken fishing he knew that it would be a lifelong hobby. Read This Article to learn more.

Paul Herdsman didn’t get interested in golf until his college days. He has a twin brother and they were both so busy with other sports in high school that they didn’t have any time to go golfing. Once he found the time for it, though, he found out that he loved it. This is partially due to its difficulty.

Paul Herdsman says that he finds the time to golf once a week and go fishing once a week. Both of these activities help him get work out of his head and relax.


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