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Bruno Fagali Fights For Corporate Integrity

     Bruno Fagali is a renowned Brazilian attorney operating from Sao Paulo. He is the founder of Fagali Advocates, a privately-held practice specializing in compliance, integrity management, and administrative law among others.

He handles various aspects of compliance, administrative law, ethics and corporate integrity among others. He obtained his law degree from the prestigious University of Sao Paulo in the city. His specialty is administrative law, especially in public service.

He enjoys explaining various parts of the Brazilian legal system in easy-to-understand ways. He recently described the fiasco that led to the firing of former Ford President Raj Nair. The move shocked many in the industry.

Raj is a career executive with over three decades at the firm. He rose through the ranks against the odds to occupy the top office. An internal investigation at the firm revealed that he had violated the company’s code of conduct.

The firm dismissed the top official in a public statement that is aimed mainly at mitigating against any liabilities that may arise. The dismissal sends a strong message to compliance professionals and business leaders. Observe the code of conduct or face the music.

The document also contains a statement by the official expressing regret over the non-compliance with ethical standards. It is rare for the involved parties in compliance cases to admit to liability.

The company is on a mission to resolve a string of compliance issues that have plagued the business since the nineties. All employees are subject to the internal code of conduct of the company they serve. Regardless of rank, employees must reflect high standards of integrity and reliability.

Bruno Fagali excels in corporate integrity management. He worked for various law firms in the country before starting his practice in his native city. He has handled extensive work in the media and advertising industry in Brazil.