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Bruno Fagali Explains the Case of Raj Nair

In early 2018, Mr. Raj Nair, former president for Ford Motor was laid off immediately after a series of internal investigations; in which he was declared an ex-employee following inappropriate behavior. This term has been used by the company to describe his character as being inconsistent with Ford Motor’s code of conduct.

What Happened?

Ford Motor did not issue details on the pointed misconduct. According to the company spokesman, the board’s review of Nair’s conduct confirmed their fears as indeed, it reported inappropriate behaviors.

‘’Me Too’’ Was Born from Other Leader’s Misconducts

Raj Nair’s departure follows a series of voluntary and involuntary resignations by prolific business leaders as well as politicians who were accused of sexual abuse. These resignations instigated the social media movement dubbed ‘Me Too’’. In the words of the senior executive of the organization Mr. Jim Hackett, the decision to let go of Nair was based on Ford’s deep ethical values coupled with its commitment to provide as well as nurture a safe, respectful culture for its employees and clients. Further, into the matter, the management expressed its disappointment in the behavior of one of the leaders most employees drew knowledge from.

When did Nair Join Ford Motor?

Nair joined Ford Motor as a lead executive for the North American branch. Serving diligently for years, he set an excellent pace for his teams. Not only did he lead in various project executions but also participated as a team player who upheld the values of the organizations. It is no wonder he was promoted to serve as president in 2017. The short-lived leadership role is set to be occupied by an employee with a stellar track record of leadership. In a turn of events, Nair issued an apologetic statement citing his regrets for failing to uphold the ethics of the organization.

Bruno Fagali’s Explanation of this Situation

Bruno Fagali is a well known expert counsel residing and practicing in Brazil. Over the years, he has cleaned the country’s public contracts behind the suspicious transactions that have been raised by various corporations. As the founder of FAGALI Advocacy, he has a decade of legal experience in the provision of insightful advice.