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Branding And Marketing With Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard grew up in Corsica and Paris where he was raised together with his other two siblings. Since his childhood, he developed an interest in sports and participated in various sports. He developed positive values having being brought up by his hardworking parents. Steve Lesnard later was admitted at a school in France where he pursued entrepreneurship. While at school he was actively involved in sporting activities where he became the president and the leader of the sporting clubs. He was involved in planning several sporting activities back in the school. He later joined Babson college in the United States to further on his education.

Upon completion of his study, he was first employed as the marketing director in one of the fashion brand in Wolford, New York City. In his position, Steve Lesnard made decisive decisions that oversaw the growth of the companies brand across North America. A year later, he moved and joined a sporting industry following his passion. Steve Lesnard was given the responsibility to sign athletes for Winter Olympics, product creation and line planning. At the sports industry, he majored in sports product development where it made a turn in his career life.

Steve Lesnard experience in the sporting industry made him build his reputation where since then he has worked in several places in the marketing of their products. Steve Lesnard gained a remarkable experience when he first turned a physical product into a product that met the consumer’s requirement. Since then, Steve Lensnard has worked in marketing and branding for various organizations. He has worked with the Olympics teams and organized various events including the women’s categories.

Steve Lesnard believes data analysis to predict the customers need is the driving force behind the marketing. With the rising need of the customer’s specifics, he believes understanding and meeting the consumer’s specific needs is the secret behind the marketing of the sporting brands. He believes that big data and artificial intelligence can bring marketing to a new level since predicting the patterns can be automated. Lesnard believes that the consumers are the ones in charge of how the brands are supposed to be and it’s up to the companies to work to meet the consumer’s requirements. View More Information Here.

Having worked in the sports industry for long, Steve Lesnard has gained skills on how to view the brand in terms of user’s perspective. He believes that marketing has a new future with new technology.


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