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Ara Chackerian with his enlightened vision

Ara Chackerian is well-known in the world of business and philanthropy. He resides in San Francisco, California. He has done a lot of community-based work. He spent the major period of his life working in healthcare. His focus lies in bridging the gap between healthcare services and technology. Along with this, Ara Chackerian also holds quite some interest in the environmental and youth development causes.

He talks about his expanding business and tells that a business partner came up with the idea of launching out-patient radiology centers. It took almost a decade to build an entire network of centers in the north part of California. In-depth research into treatment and technology reveals that besides talk therapy and medication, TMS could become a potential basis for providing psychiatric care. Patients who had severe issues of depression and anxiety could have access to efficacy treatment.

Ara Chackerian also refers to Dr. Richard who has been using TMA since 2008 after it got approved by FDA in his Sacramento practice. He learned about different insurance coverage policies, problems related to hiring and retaining of quality technicians and the management required for running of group practice while being a clinician at the same time.

As the ratio of suicidal attempts has increased, therefore, Ara Chackerian also wanted to help people on a broader level, so they started expanding it by building outpatient facilities. Their goal was to manufacture a care delivery model which will allow physician and patient to get their target result by incorporating “patient first” methodology. This will be applicable to both treatment and experience. At the moment these facilities serve at Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area. Interior of the center has been set in such a way that the patients do not feel like going to doctor rather to a place filled with serenity and comfort.