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Academy of Art University Representing Art and Sports

Perhaps, you wondered what does an art university has to do with sports. Academy of Art University seeks to show that both professions are similar and offer a blend of art and sports. For example, the Urban Knights, a 14 varsity athletics teams, represent the university’s sports side.

Some may think sports and art are as different as night and day, but they have more in common than you know. Academy of Arts University strives to show the tools that make the two professions so much alike.

One tool deals with the ability to process criticism. Talent plays a role in art and sports but so does criticism, and teachers may be harsh. However, the individual accepting and processing the criticism will go a long way in developing a thick skin and furthering their skills.

Equally, as important relates to practice, the saying practice makes perfect is something artists and athletes take to heart. Both sides know that the time spent honing their craft is necessary.

Artists and athletes would do well in development skill management which would help them invest their time more wisely and learning more about their skills.

Which brings up another effective tool called communication. Learning how to not only listen but understand what they hear are more valuable than even asking questions.

In addition, a basic key for both art and sport is organization especially these two professions. There are many components that make up a good athlete and artist’s career, but without organization, you risk having chaos.

One last comparison both athletes and artists have ambitions that thing that drives them to want to become more. Both are somewhat similar in this aspect. Without a healthy ambition, you cannot complete the other tools such as organization, understanding criticism, listening or time management. Ambition pulls them all together.

Academy of Art University is the only art university in the United States to have an NCAA athletics program.