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Stratford Shields and Market Sentiment

Stratford Shields has had quite a career in finance. He’s been part of a prominent investment bank, serving in the role of an investment banker. He has worked with large institutions on the matter of privatization of industry with partners such as the Ohio State University with deals that ranged in upward of $400 million. He’s worked in non-traditional financing as well and it has helped him to progress in his career. He has worked with universities, with cities, with states, and other people and has dealt with capital transactions that have ranged in excess of $15 billion. He has a knack for conducting proper credit strategies and keeping costs down while ensuring financial needs are met.

Stratford Shields pays attention to market moves as well to always keep aware of the latest situations happening within the markets. One event Stratford Shields may be paying attention toward is likely that of the US-China Trade War.

Stratford Shields works with states and governments and as many of these situations are intertwined, he must follow different movements in the marketplace to see how it may affect deals. The trade war may be something to pay attention to as it will have an impact on a variety of industries.

The US-China trade war has not been kind to the news channels or social media servers, with each development turning into a small news cycle of its own. Whether it’s about the understanding of tariffs or the misinterpretation of them, each update is something to see.

The latest news to arrive from this ongoing event is about a price hike. What makes it even more interesting is that the price hike is about something that is both an essential and a luxury item.

According to an assessment of tariffs that are under consideration by the Trump administration, it seems that the ongoing trade war with China would raise the price for footwear. While the price of footwear may not be directly connected to Stratford Shields, market sentiment is important.

What You Need To Know About Gulf Coast Western

The Managing Venture of Joint Ventures also known as Oil and Gas Partnerships is Gulf Coast Western, LLC. The Objective of Gulf Coast Western is to develop and acquire the numerous oil and gas reserves that are scattered in the gulf regions of continental United States after exploration. To achieve its objectives, Gulf Coast Western relies on the services of talented professionals that boast of both industry know-how and the needed experience.

The main area of focus of Gulf Coast Western is the exploration and the identifying of various properties that have geophysical and geological advantages. Other than exploring elements that have either geological or geophysical features, Gulf Coast Western also explores elements that have well-developed structures. Sustainability is a crucial area Gulf Coast Western focuses on while making investment decisions.

The investment policy at Gulf Coast states that investments can only be made on projects that have significant return potential; these investments also need to have a measured downside risk for the partners involved. The senior most executive at Gulf Coast Western tasked with steering the firm while looking out for its interests is Mathew Fleeger who serves in the capacity of a (CEO) Chief Executive Officer and President.

Succeeding in the natural resource and mining industry is not an easy feat. It has taken Gulf Coast Western years of hard work and dedication to accomplish its milestones. The firm credits its success to the healthy, open, and transparent relationship it maintains with its clients and partners. Gulf Coast believes that relationships can be built on respect and trust through operating with integrity and honesty.

Gulf Coast Western is one of the few American companies that have an incredible Texan story. The firm was established in 1970 and is a family-owned business that has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The firm has outlets in Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi.


Mining For Success With Alec Sellem


Alec Sellem serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Sellem Industries. He created the company that is based in London, England to help companies carry out strategic visions with business-minded people. The company works intimately with trade operation partners located throughout Africa as well as South America.


Alec Sellem always had the entrepreneur spirit in him. What began as a sell and trade gold operation for a friend, grew into a knowledge-thirst for gold practices and common procedures. After educating himself on the industry, it was evident that there were numerous on goings that did not produce efficient results in the field. His approach was to streamline and modernize the collective mining and refining operations in Africa.


This philosophy of maximizing finances and lowering expenses has helped the mining process tremendously. Since visiting Africa first as a boarding school student, Alec Sellem immediately felt a connection with the continent. It was during this trip that he knew he’d come back to work and make a difference. One thing that he enjoys about Africa is that when you are establishing something, it must be built from almost nothing.


This practice warrants lessons that one may not learn in a place such as Europe. Infrastructure has to be built from ground zero and this is very humbling, he states. Alec mentions that his company’s conceptual planning and goal setting separates them from others in the mining industry. By keeping the big picture in mind at all times, progress is always being made on some level. Visit This Page to learn more about Alec Sellem.


The foundation is also branching into education and is in the process of developing a school. The school will give an opportunity for youth to study an education curriculum when they previously were not able to do so. Alec states that his work demands constant attention and productivity is always a main objective. There is always an objective ahead, so there is always something to be done.


In an article with Geeks News entitled, “Artisanal And Small-Scale Mining With Alec Sellem”; Sellem discussed rtisanal and small-scale mining differs from large scale mining primarily with lower levels of investment and less use of mechanization and its overall effectiveness and possible solutions to protect human rights.


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Steve Lesnard, Two Principles for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has numerous benefits for a business if it is leveraged properly. Digital marketing is the most form of marketing used by brands nowadays because it reaches the target audience easily and quickly. Digital marketing also provides a platform for user engagement and interaction which other forms of marketing do not have. Steve Lesnard convinces brands to use digital mediums for advertising their products, but use it properly. According to Steve Lesnard, it can be effective for new product introduction to the market. Brands that use digital marketing properly are those that focus their strategies on the consumer instead of the product.

Steve Lesnard recommends the use of two main principles to use digital marketing for brand growth and development. If the focus is put on these two principles, a product’s adverting on digital mediums will be successful. They include:

  1. Keeping it simple

When introducing a new product in the market, it is essential to get the storyline right. A simple storyline is the most effective and memorable to consumers. While the story is simple, it should also communicate the benefits of the product and the value it adds to the consumer. Consumers also need to understand the story of the product. If consumers cannot understand the product, they will not remember it as well. Therefore, always keep it simple and straight to the point.

  1. Make it real

All consumers want real-life experiences when it comes to suing a product. They buy products they relate to, and that applies to their daily lives. Thus, when advertising a product ensures that it communicates to consumers how it can be used and applied. This should be done visually because it brings the product to life. The use of videos for advertising helps bring a product to life because it shows the use of the product first hand. A video is also an opportunity of showing the consumers the best features of the product and its value. Yeti, which sells coolers ahs managed to use this principle by showing adverts of individuals using their coolers. Consumers can see how the coolers can warm and cool water in a matter of seconds.

Carsten Thiel’s Unmatched Career In Biochemistry


Carsten Thiel is a Berlin-born biochemistry guru. Thiel is an expert who spent his early days in Germany and started his journey of studying chemistry. After making a debut of the training at Malbrook, Thiel decided to travel to the United Kingdom to hone his chemistry skills. The Bristol University located in the Southwest part of the country became his destination. Thiel added a Bachelor of Science in organic chemistry from the institution to his portfolio.


However, Carsten Thiel chose biochemistry as the career of choice. Max Planck Institute became his home for the Biophysical Chemistry studies. Carsten Thiel specialized in the study of proteins and their influence on how healthy cells become cancerous. Carsten completed his studies and graduated with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology.


As the Global Biotech Executive, the pharmaceutical expert believes in working in a scheduled manner. Besides having time with his family, Carsten updates himself with the news and the mails at hand. The next important task that he keeps in consideration is meeting with the company’s board for brief meetings.


According to Carsten, such meetings strengthen the bond between him and the rest of the board members. It’s one of the pillars of his success in the industry. The next important issue is communication with customers, investors, and other stakeholders. He admits that about 10% of his daily routine involves keeping in touch with the customers and doctors as well as other players in his company. Get Related Information Here.


Carsten Thiel finds time for his support staff in the day to ensure all is well. He is quick to mention these tasks are essential in every business or company. Many people overrule teamwork and end up failing miserably. Carsten attributes his success in biochemistry to early exposure from his family of medical.


An article with Medical Daily Times entitled “Carsten Thiel: Impactful Medicine”, talks about Thiel’s leadership, expertise, professional experience and contribution to the world of Biotechnology.


Carsten Thiel made a debut of his career at Hoffman La-Roche as the Products and communications manager. He also worked with Insadong Eastern Europe in the General Manager’s capacity before joining Abeona Therapeutics as the Chief Executive Officer. The Biopharmaceutical has served in many high profile companies that gave him the experience he needed to fit in the market.


Academy of Art University Representing Art and Sports

Perhaps, you wondered what does an art university has to do with sports. Academy of Art University seeks to show that both professions are similar and offer a blend of art and sports. For example, the Urban Knights, a 14 varsity athletics teams, represent the university’s sports side.

Some may think sports and art are as different as night and day, but they have more in common than you know. Academy of Arts University strives to show the tools that make the two professions so much alike.

One tool deals with the ability to process criticism. Talent plays a role in art and sports but so does criticism, and teachers may be harsh. However, the individual accepting and processing the criticism will go a long way in developing a thick skin and furthering their skills.

Equally, as important relates to practice, the saying practice makes perfect is something artists and athletes take to heart. Both sides know that the time spent honing their craft is necessary.

Artists and athletes would do well in development skill management which would help them invest their time more wisely and learning more about their skills.

Which brings up another effective tool called communication. Learning how to not only listen but understand what they hear are more valuable than even asking questions.

In addition, a basic key for both art and sport is organization especially these two professions. There are many components that make up a good athlete and artist’s career, but without organization, you risk having chaos.

One last comparison both athletes and artists have ambitions that thing that drives them to want to become more. Both are somewhat similar in this aspect. Without a healthy ambition, you cannot complete the other tools such as organization, understanding criticism, listening or time management. Ambition pulls them all together.

Academy of Art University is the only art university in the United States to have an NCAA athletics program.

Carsten Thiel: Wisdom From An Executive Who Cares

In order to be successful, Carsten Thiel has a routine he follows. Carsten believes that work/life balance is crucial and connecting with his family in the morning is a priority. Then he checks email and news and prioritizes the rest of his day. He spends approximately 1/4 of his day with the board and investors. Last but not least, he makes sure he spends time daily with employees communicating and listening.

In regards to his professional life, Thiel began his career in pharmaceuticals by working for Hoffman Ia-Roche as a Communications and Production manager. He quickly moved up in the company to work in the area of market assessment and scientific marketing.



After the due diligence is done, it is important to trust your instincts in business. Thiel had an innovative business project idea that others involved didn’t agree with but in the end, it proved to be the right decision thus highlighting the relevancy of trusting one’s instincts. In addition, it is crucial to keep the lines of communication open with everyone involved in a project. Thiel believes working in conjunction with his staff and guiding them to succeed. Specifically, he believes the human touch is a must in business matters. Refer to This Article for more information.






Thiel believes that serious, unmet medical needs could be met by an innovative biotech organization.




Thiel believes that education is key and supports it with his money, for example donating to a Kenyan school.




Thiel prefers to use LinkedIn as he believes it is well-organized.




Thiel recommends “Outliers” by Gladwell for its insight into communication, education, and leadership.

Carsten Thiel is a biotech executive specializing in areas such as business growth and managing profit and loss. He is a board member of several organizations and holds a PhD. in molecular biology and a degree in biochemistry.


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Business Executive Paul Herdsman Shares How Fishing And Golf Make Him A Better Businessman


Paul Herdsman is a co-founder of NICE Global. NICE Global provides outsourcing services to other businesses in the United States. His company located its office in Jamaica since it is near to the United States and its easy to find employees who speak fluent English.

Working as the chief operating officer, Herdsman is skilled at customer service, customer retention, and developing efficient operations.

When he isn’t working, Paul enjoys spending time with his family. He is also a weekend golfer and a fishing enthusiast. He says that these are by far his two favorite hobbies. Paul Herdsman acknowledges that it is vital to have interests outside of work. He says these two hobbies keep him humble and have helped his career and NICE Global by making him a more well-rounded individual.

He was in 1st grade when he developed an interest in fishing. He’s not entirely sure why he asked for a fishing pole for Christmas as nobody in his family fishes. He thinks that he either read a book about fishing or saw something on TV. Whatever it was, though, he found it really intriguing. When he finally was taken fishing he knew that it would be a lifelong hobby. Read This Article to learn more.

Paul Herdsman didn’t get interested in golf until his college days. He has a twin brother and they were both so busy with other sports in high school that they didn’t have any time to go golfing. Once he found the time for it, though, he found out that he loved it. This is partially due to its difficulty.

Paul Herdsman says that he finds the time to golf once a week and go fishing once a week. Both of these activities help him get work out of his head and relax.


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Matthew Fleeger, Leader Behind Success of Gulf Coast Western

The Oil and Gas industry has been one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With the development of different natural fuels, many industries have vowed to change their method of productions to once that sustain and promote a more livable environment. Matthew Fleeger has been one of the figures in this lucrative business. Fleeger studied Business in the Southern Methodist University in U.S and later went back to work in his father’s Oil and Gas industry famously known as the Gulf Coast Western. While in the company he leant excellent marketing and finance skills that would help him later as he founded his first company.

In 1993, Matthew Fleeger started MedSolutions, a company that dealt with proper disposal of medical waste among others. However, he sold MedSolutions in 2007 to focus on his father’s business where he has been one of the senior principles till today. Matthew Fleeger today is one of the influential persons in the corporate management sector from the experience he has in Gulf Coast Western Industry. In his tenure, the company is garnering so much success as it strives to produce non-harmful fuels in the U.S.

Today he serves in the company as the president and CEO. Despite being the driving force in Gulf Coast, he has also brought the company to receive several accolades for their efforts in the environment sustainability. Gulf Coast today have the upper hand in the production of oil and gas in the gulf coast region as well as the U.S as whole. Matthew Fleeger has established good relationship with clients who can much be relied on. On the broader spectrum, they are willing to work following their guidelines and policies that have contributed partially to the company’s success. Under his leadership, the company is also expanding its areas of production across the country as well as producing more natural gas and fuels.

Boraie Development Has Big Success With Two Of Its Most Recent New Jersey Projects:

With 238 comfortable units designed for residential occupation and located next to the New Brunswick train station, The Aspire is one of the latest projects that urban real estate development agency Boraie Development has completed. The company is now leasing spots in this fabulous new highrise building in downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey.

A big reason behind The Aspire being such a desirable new residential location is because of the great amenities that the facility offers. The proximity to the train station is certainly a big plus as this offers residents a convenient access path to Philadelphia and New York City. Boraie Development is also offering residents great amenities such as an exercise facility and a rooftop patio. This is yet another great example of what the New Jersey-based real estate development operation does best. The Aspire also has doorman service available twenty-four hours per day.

Newark, New Jersey has also recently had a great new building added to its downtown area courtesy of Boraie. The city’s first new high-rise in the past five decades has come to the city. This great new project is the collaborative effort of Boraie, the city of Newark and none other than famous Newark native Shaquille O’Neal.